Watch Sarah Lewis Deadlift 520 lbs for Four Reps

Powerlifter Sarah Lewis has been crushing her training in the lead up to her next meet. She plans to take the platform at the USPA Tennessee Open, which is being held on Saturday, January 14th. Lewis competes in the 165 lb weight class, and goes back and forth with Kristi Hawkins in claiming the women’s world record total (with & without wraps).

Less than a week ago, Lewis shared a video on her Instagram that highlighted a monster deadlift set of 520 lbs for four reps. Check out her awesome video below.

May be in for a huge pull at the meet. 520×4 tonight with the rush from @psychosmellingsalts (really wanted 5). Thanks to @the_walls_of_jericho_training for the video and everyone yelling for me to smash this tonight. This bar is much stiffer than the bar at maxed out.”

Earlier this year in April, Lewis topped both a squat and total world record at the SPF Women’s Pro/Am. The total record she claimed was taken from Hawkins, which she set less than two weeks earlier. Lewis ended up recording a 545 lb squat (world record), a 290 lb bench press, and a 545 lb deadlift, which earned her a total of 1,380 lb total.

Check out the video of her crazy world record 545 lb squat with knee wraps below.

Since both of these records, Hawkins has since raised the stakes even higher. The new 165 lb women’s total (with & without wraps) record sits at 1,434 lbs, while the squat is 573 lbs, and both were set by Hawkins in November at an SPF meet. Also, don’t forget about Gina Aversa’s latest 557 lb deadlift, which she set at the same SPF meet.

Judging from Lewis’ latest training videos, we’re optimistic that she’ll put up numbers that have the potential to re-break some of the 165 lb women;s records. If we go off of history repeating itself, then this could very well be Lewis’ reality come January 14th.

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Feature image screenshot from @sara.lewis_ Instagram page.