Here’s How Scoring Will Work at the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games

Scoring for the 2019 Reebok CrossFit® Games presents a whole new twist!

In a new post, CrossFit HQ has announced how the scoring will work for individual athletes and teams at this year’s CrossFit® Games. On August 1st in Madison, Wisconsin, the individual field will see 148 men and 134 women competing as individuals and 14 teams. The scoring is one of many ways the Games have changed this year. Here’s what we’ve learned.

2019 crossfit individual team scoring

See the full table from The CrossFit Games here.

Individual Scoring

Every time an athlete or a team wins an event, they’ll get 100 points. We’ve simplified things below.

Events 1 & 2

Both events score the same. First place winner gets 100 points, the the points you earn are subtracted by 2 as your placing increases. For example if you come second, you earn 98 points, third is 96 points, and so on. This pattern repeats until the 28th place, at which point you lose one point as your placing increases. For example, 28th place earns 47 points, 29th earns 46, and so on, until you hit 76th place. Once you’ve placed 76th or higher — only a possibility on the first day, as there are 75 athletes left on the second — you earn zero points.

Event 3

Now there are just 50 individuals left and once again, the first place winner gets 100 points. Here it’s simpler: no matter your placing, the points earned are subtracted by 2 all the way down to last (50th) place. The 50th place finisher will earn 2 points.

Event 4

Now with 40 athletes competing, the points you earn are subtracted by 3: first place gets 100, second 97, and so on until the 22nd place, at which point you lose 2 points per placing. 21st place earns 40 points, 22nd gets 38, 23rd gets 36, and so on.

Event 5  

With 30 athletes left, event 5 follows a similar pattern, but you lose more points with each placing. The first place finisher will earn 100 points and then the points you earn are subtracted by 4 points. The pattern repeats until 14th place, at which point you lose 3 points per placing: 12th gets 56, 13th gets 52, 14th gets 49, 15th gets 46, and so on.

Event 6

Twenty athletes left, and now you’re losing 5 points per placing all the way down to last. 100 for first, 95 for second, until the 20th place finisher gets 5.

Event 7 (Final)

The final event will consist of 10 athletes and you lose 10 per placing. The first place finisher will once again earn 100 points. Last place finisher in the final will only get 10 points, which is 90 points less than the first place finisher!

2019 crossfit games team scoring

Image via The CrossFit Games

Team Scoring

Team scoring is much simpler, with everybody losing the same number of points on a given day. You can see the full table above: the competition starts with 14 teams and everyone loses 7 points per placing on the first event, counting down from 100 points for first place. They lose 10 points in event 2 (with 11 teams), 12 in event 3 (9 teams), 16 in event 4 (7 teams), and 25 in event 5 (5 teams).

The 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games are already living up the hype as the most exciting yet, so we’re excited to see how it all plays out. The full leaderboard is live on, and don’t go far because you can stream the Reebok CrossFit Games live from We will be providing the live stream as well as color commentary and analysis throughout the four days of action — tune in on August 1st.

Featured image from The CrossFit Games on Facebook