Powerlifter Sherine Marcelle Squats an Incredible 505 lb Raw Triple

Talk about incredible progress in the off-season!

From what looks like her patio, powerlifter Sherine Marcelle has been moving some monstrous weight lately. Like handfuls of athletes, Marcelle has not slowed up on her training by any means and has continued to make stellar progress over the last few months. Yesterday, she hit a raw triple squat that has turned a lot of heads in the powerlifting community.

In her latest video, Marcelle takes a massive 505 lb squat for a sleeved triple. This is a huge set because it not only tops her best raw competition squat by 65 lbs, but she also took it for a smooth triple — talk about progress in the off-season. Check out the massive lift below.

In her Instagram post’s description, Marcelle points out that she might be onto something, and we’d have to certainly agree with that statement.

Throughout her powerlifting career, she’s competed in a total of eight meets and has taken first at seven of them. Her latest was the USPA hosted meet, THE JENN. Here, Marcelle competed in the 198 lb wraps division and took home first place, and finished her performance with a 551 lb squat, 237 lb bench press, 457 lb deadlift, and 1,245 lb total.

And while the 551 lb competition wrapped squat is certainly impressive, it’s not Marcelle’s all-time best in wraps. Back in December, she hit a monstrous 600 lb wrapped squat that also served as a 50 lb PR at a bodyweight of 193 lbs. Not to mention, she’s squatted 575 lbs for a double and much more since then — check out the epic 600 lb lift below.

Over the course of her career, crushing 500+ lb squats have always been at the helm of her progress and achievements. So tripling a sleeved 505 lb squat is not only a huge milestone for Marcelle, but a nod to her incredible progress over the last few months.

We don’t know about you, but we’re more than excited to see what she’s able to do once competitions open back up!

Feature image from @sincerelySherine Instagram page.