Check Out -52kg Powerlifter Sofia Loft’s 180kg PR (25kg Over World Record)

Earlier this month, we reported on -52kg powerlifter Liz Craven’s raw 155.5kg IPF world record squat. Craven has one of the best squats in her weight class (as you can see by her new world record), along with Swedish powerlifter Sofia Loft.

Loft is best known for her 3-time gold winning performances at the World Women’s Classic Powerlifting Championships in 2014, 2015, and 2016. Not to mention, her insane deadlift and squat strength.

Three days ago, Loft shared a video crushing a 180kg raw squat in training. To put that in context, that’s 25kg over Craven’s current IPF squat world record.

In 2016, Loft’s best squat at World’s was 150kg, for a 25kg training PR, Loft’s speed was great throughout the whole lift. Additionally, there’s been speculation of her moving up to compete at -57kg, so she is more than likely weighing a little more than her competition weight.

It does beg the question though, could Loft maintain this type of squat strength at her -52kg competition weight? Either way, the 180kg squat trumps the current -57kg record as well by 6kg.

If you’re already a Loft fan, then you probably know she’s sitting out this year at World’s. Three weeks ago, she shared an Instagram post that stated she’s taking the year off to give her body a break.

In the post she writes, “The World Championship is soon approaching. Some of you have probably already seen that I’m not participating this year in Belarus. After three gold medals I have taken the decision to take a year off and not  compete this year.”

Whether she chooses to move up or stay in the -52kg weight class, Loft is a dynamic force in every lift. Case in point, check out her 175kg (only 15kg off the 52kg & 57kg 190kg world record) deadlift for a 2×2 set she shared three weeks ago.

Regardless what class Loft eventually chooses to compete in, we’re excited to see her get back on the platform and continue to chase records.

Feature image screenshot from @loftsofia Instagram page.