Eddie Hall, Robert Oberst, Brian Shaw, and Nick Best Flip Car on “Good Morning America”

Shaw, Hall, Oberst, and Best Flip a Car on TV!

Four of the elite strongmen in the world were showing why they are just that. Brian Shaw, Eddie Hall, Robert Oberst, and Nick Best were on ABC’s Good Morning America to promote their series on History Channel, “The Strongest Man in History.”

Of course strongmen aren’t brought on TV shows to talk (usually). They were asked and agreed to perform a feat of strength for the live crowd. The feat in question was to flip over a New York City taxicab. Keep in mind that Hall has completed a 500 kg (1,1,02 pound) deadlift in his career and Shaw has lifted 1,000 pounds plus in the past as well. Oberst and Best also are also very capable deadlifters. So it’s not like they weren’t capable of doing this but there was some preparation leading up to the live attempt.

Shaw produced a video on his “Shaw Strength” YouTube channel of the men rehearsing and practicing the feat with another vehicle. They even used a crane scale to determine the weight at various points of the lift. They wanted to leave nothing to chance since there would be a live audience in Times Square as well as people watching on live TV.

The gentlemen hyped up the crowd and made the actual flip of the cab look easier than the attempt they practiced in Shaw’s video. Perhaps it was a combination of the preparation and the adrenaline that comes with being in a moment like that. Regardless of what it took for them to complete the attempt, they did and were very deserving of the right to stand on top of the flipped vehicle in triumph. Of course, Hall had to hit a bicep pose too.

The foursome accomplish other great feats of strength that have been documented and talked about as legend on their show “The Strongest Man in History” on the History Channel. Check your local listings for more information.

Featured image: @fitmommy_kerishaw on Instagram