Check Out Strongman Eddie Hall’s Crazy Beltless Deadlift Challenge

Social media challenges can take multiple forms. Sometimes they’re easy like sharing a photo with a particular hashtag, other times they raise awareness and money like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and sometimes they include a pyramid-focused beltless deadlift set that starts at 60kg/132 lbs and ascends to 420kg/925 lbs before descending again to 60kg.

Oh wait, that last one is just a sarcastic challenge from professional strongman Eddie Hall. Over the weekend, Hall posted an Instagram and YouTube video that highlights what Hall does best, aka deadlift a ton of weight and poke fun at others to try and match him.

So, what exactly is the challenge? Instead of trying to describe it, we’ll let you watch the minute long video below to assess. If you’re interested in the exact sets and reps, then scroll down to below the video to see them listed out.

We’re not going to include the initial part of Hall’s video’s description for formality reasons, but if you’d like to see it for yourself, then click, here!

19 reps — 60kg – 420kg – 60kg: ALL BELTLESS!!!!
1. 60kg
2. 100kg
3. 140kg
4. 180kg
5. 220kg
6. 260kg
7. 300kg
8. 340kg
9. 380kg
10. 420kg
11. 380kg
12. 340kg
13. 300kg
14. 260kg
15. 220kg
16. 180kg
17. 140kg
18. 100kg
19. 60kg

Obviously, we know that Hall was being sarcastic and playful in his Instagram/YouTube video’s description, but he brings up an interesting point. Could someone match or top this 19-rep set? After all, Hall is often considered the best deadlift athlete in the world.

It’s tough to say because multiple professional strongman continue to up their deadlift numbers at a scary rate. A few that come to mind include: Martins Licis, Mateusz Kieliszkowski, Jean-Francois Caron, Hafthor Bjornsson, and of course, Brian Shaw. Regardless of our speculations, we doubt anyone is going to attempt this insane deadlift pyramid, but we can’t lie, we kind of hope someone does call Hall on it.

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Feature image from @eddiehallwsm Instagram page.