Strongman Tom Stoltman Lifts 255kg Atlas Stone, Unofficially Breaks World Record

Consider the bar raised, or the Atlas Stone lifted in this case. If you felt the earth shift a little bit yesterday, have no fear, it was just professional strongman Tom Stoltman dropping a massive stone. Yesterday, from the comfort of his driveway, Stoltman casually hit an unofficial Atlas Stone world record with a massive 255kg (562 lb) stone lift.

Stoltman’s currently in prep for the Ultimate Strongman Team World Championship 2018 + U23 World Championship, which kicks off on August 26th in Stone-on-Trent, United Kingdom. Here, Stoltman and his brother Luke will face against five other two-man teams.

In Stoltman’s Instagram video’s description he writes, “Got the stone delivery today and wanted to give them a bash. Yeh it dosent mean anything in training etc but i managed to hit the 255kg atlas stone which has given me confidence for the teams! 

Thanks to @spartan_atlas_stones for making the stones and to all my sponsors and coaches for the work there putting in. Im working hard and I’ll keep working these last 3 weeks work is not done yet.”

The current official Atlas Stone world record is held by none other than legendary strongman Brian Shaw. At the 2017 Arnold Classic Rogue Record Breakers event he hoisted a massive 254kg (560 lb) stone titled the “Manhood Stone”. This 254kg record broke the previously held 2016 record by 5 lbs, which Shaw also held and set at the 2016 Arnold Classic.

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In order for an Atlas Stone world record to count in competition, it must be lifted over a 4-foot (1.22 meter) bar, which Stoltman easily does in his video above.

The Atlas Stones are an event that clearly demonstrate the act of pure brute strength. Not many folks can pick up 500-lb stones casually and throw them over 4-foot bars, so we’re pumped to see if Stoltman can officially top the current world record in less than three weeks time.

Feature image from @tomstoltman Instagram page.