Watch Sly Stallone Flip a 250lb Tire Training for Rambo 5

Real talk: who wouldn’t want to be as strong as Sylvester Stallone at 72 years old? The veteran awesome person has a pretty active Instagram account where he shares a lot of interesting glimpses into his workouts and private life. How does the famously jacked actor work out in his 70s? Is it mostly joint-friendly Pilates and swimming? Power walking and pink dumbbells?

Nope, this man is flipping tires 250-pound tires.

Watch him flip out (sorry) below.

We love the celebratory double fist pump at the end of the lift. “Argh!”

He posted this with the caption,

Getting ready for Rambo Also just because you’ve REACHED a certain age doesn’t mean you have to FEEL that age! Keep pumping, keep punching!

OK, so he probably should have kept his back straighter during his hip extension. And, sure, you’re meant to have maximal body contact with the tire during the entire movement to avoid over-stressing the biceps. That was closer to a full body bicep curl.

But hey, we’re just happy to see someone flipping tires at all. One of the most classic strongman exercises, the exercise puts a unique kind of stress on the traps and the back as a whole, and as strongman and BarBend contributor Mike Gill puts it, this makes for a lift that’s “no less athletic than a power clean and encourages speed more than a traditional deadlift.”

[Read his full article: The 3 Best Strongman Moves for Weightlifters.]

It goes without saying that we’re also pumped for Rambo 5, though perhaps not quite as pumped as we are for Creed 2, for which Stallone has also been training hard. He put up a lot of interesting back workouts this year while getting in shape for the film but our favorite still has to be this 100-pound weighted towel grip pull up.

The man’s still got it!

Featured image via Stallone Zone on YouTube.