Watch Powerlifter Thomas Davis Bench a 288kg Double, 6.5kg Over the IPF World Record

Thomas Davis, superheavyweight bench presser extraordinaire, has exceed the bench press world record in training.

For a double.

The bench behemoth posted this short clip of a recent training session with the caption,

TOLD YAW IM COMING!!! 3.5 Weeks Out💪💪💪 635×2. After doing a bunch of Doubles. Huge PR For Me.

Watch the magic.

The meet that Davis is training for is the 2018 USA Powerlifting Bench Nationals, which kick off in Scranton, Pennsylvania on September 15. We’re pretty confident that Davis, who works as a corrections officer, will put up an amazing performance.

After all, the set we’re writing about here was 635 pounds (288 kilograms), which is six and a half kilograms heavier than the current IPF world record — again, for a double — a record that’s currently owned by Algeria’s Ilyas Boughalem. Boughalem made his 281.5-kilogram (620.6-pound) lift at the IPF World Championships this year and as a superheavyweight, it was the IPF’s heaviest raw bench press of all time performed in a full meet.

But the meet Davis is training for in Scranton is bench only, and the IPF world record for that is just a little heavier than the weight he pushed for that double: 290 kilograms, or 639.3 pounds. That record is owned by none other than Mr. Thomas Davis, who managed it this past May in Finland at the World Open Bench Press Championships.

We last wrote about Thomas Davis when he was training for that competition and made a 625-pound bench press, which at the time was a kilogram heavier than the IPF world record for a bench press only meet. (That record was also held by Boughalem.)

Suffice to say that Thomas Davis is a strong guy. After all, the man owns the IPF’s heaviest bench press record of all time. We’re certainly looking forward to seeing the weight he puts up in Scranton.

Featured image via @tdsmash