Powerlifter Tom Martin Bounces Back from Injuries to Take 3rd Best Total Ever

British powerlifter Tom Martin has been consistently wowing us with this ability to bounce back from injury. Despite having suffered a gruesome torn bicep last July and tearing his pec in May, the guy just went to a meet in Grenoble, France and totaled a mammoth 965 kiograms (2,127.5 pounds) weighing 99.6 kilograms (219.5 pounds).

This is a big PR for his weight. It’s been a while since he’s weighed under a hundred kilos and while he wasn’t that happy with his 360kg squat, his 205kg bench “exceeded expectations” and his deadlift was a massive 20-kilogram PR for his weight. Watch the performance below:

[He weighed more, but Martin totaled over 1,000kg in a meet this February, too. Read all about it.]

He added this recap to the Instagram description:

 very brief comp recap –
Weighed in at 99.6kg
Total – 965kg

Squat – 360kg – squats just didn’t show up today, however it’s 12.5kg up on my previous best in this weight class

Bench – 205kg – exceeded expectations, this moved well. After tearing my pec 6/7 weeks ago, it’s not looked anywhere near this good until now

Deadlift – 400kg – exactly as expected, 20kg up on my best u100

I haven’t been in this weight class for about 18 months now, and last time I did, I attempted these exact numbers for what would have been a world record total, falling short on all of them and finishing with 932.5kg. I’m glad I went back to finish this off, though it only puts me 3rd on the all time rankings this time around, behind (Yuri Belkin) and (Kevin Oak). I’ll have a think about what I want to do with weight classes, but I’ve actually enjoyed doing this again. Thanks to all that helped! 🙂

“Only” third of all-time rankings on Earth. If this were an IPF meet, he would have beaten Krzysztof Wierzbicki’s world record deadlift by 10 kilos. Across all federations it certainly falls short of Cailer Woolam’s 420.5-kilogram (927lb) record in his weight class, but we’re nitpicking — Tom Martin put up a seriously phenomenal performance this week.

Featured image via @tommartinpl on Instagram.