Tom Stoltman Sets New Atlas Stone Weight Record

The Scotsman now owns the record and some prize money, too.

Aside from the Arnold Strongman Classic taking place in Columbus, Ohio, there are other competitions that are offering prizes for breaking records. The title of these contests are “Rogue Record Breakers.” One of those is the Atlas Stone Over Bar record, also known as the Manhood Stone, for heaviest stone lifted.

That record was previously held by Brian Shaw with a weight of 560 pounds (254.5 kg). As of March 6, Scotland’s Tom Stoltman laid claim to it when he set the new mark by lifting a 602 pound (273 kg) stone over the post.

While it was a world record, the Scotsman appeared to make it look rather easy. The effort also earned him a $5,000 cash prize. This was his first appearance at the Arnold Strongman Classic, even though it wasn’t as a part of the official competition, but it’s not his first world record with an Atlas Stones theme. Back in November, he set the record for fastest time lifting 10 stones (weighing 100 to 200 kg) to their podiums when he performed the feat in 40.7 seconds at the 2019 World’s Ultimate Strongman.

As for this record, Shaw didn’t get a chance to match Stoltman’s record setting lift because he isn’t in Columbus. Since he didn’t qualify for the ASC, he’s focusing his efforts on the 2020 World’s Strongest Man.
Meanwhile, Stoltman feels he can push the record even further and plans to do so. Word is that the man who has become known as “King of the Stones” has set a goal of lifting the first 300 kg (660 pound) stone. He made his goal clear on social media later on in the day while thanking his family and coach.

“300 kg where you at!!! Let’s go!!!”

As of this writing, Shaw had yet to comment about Stoltman breaking the record but the four-time World’s Strongest Man had stated in the past that he wished the Manhood Stone would be brought back to the Arnold. He has also said that should his record ever be broken, he would try to reclaim it.

Featured Image: Instagram/roguefitness