Masters Athlete Trevor Bachmeyer Disqualified from CrossFit Games, Banned for 4 Years

*Update 4/13/17: CrossFit Games HQ released® part of Bachmeyer’s video submission (featured below) within their CrossFit Games Update show. 

CrossFit® Games HQ recently released a news story that announced the banning and disqualification of Trevor Bachmeyer. Before CrossFit’s decision to disqualify Bachmeyer from competition, he was ranked first worldwide for the Men’s Masters 40-44 Division. He was also ranked second in in the men’s individual division for the NorCal region.

This banning came after CrossFit went over their yearly invitations for athletes to compete in regionals. Every year CrossFit reviews top athletes’ video submissions before sending out invitations to compete. This process is done to prevent cheating, spot bad reps, and find manipulation of videos to eradicate wrongfully earned competition spots.

In their formal statement, CrossFit said they requested review of Bachmeyer’s videos: “Bachmeyer submitted a video of Open Workout 17.3 upon request. His video submission was flagged by one of CrossFit’s judges, which prompted a request for additional videos. After review of Bachmeyer’s 17.5 video, a judge determined that only a single round was performed and then repeated on a loop to give the appearance of 10 rounds. Subsequent analysis by CrossFit Inc.’s video department also supported this determination.”

Below features a part of Bachmeyer’s 17.5 video that was shared by CrossFit HQ with the aforementioned looping of the 10 rounds. 

They also state that, “Bachmeyer’s Open scores will be invalidated immediately. In addition, he will be banned from competing in any CrossFit-sanctioned event for a period of four years from today, pending an appeal, if any.”

Last year, Bachmeyer qualified for the California Regional but finished 99th due to a no show. For Masters, his Open scores from 2016 had him ranked second worldwide, first in the NorCal region, and first for the state of California.

To our knowledge, this is one of only a handful of instances in CrossFit Games history where an athlete has been disqualified for editing a video submission. Currently, there’s no word from Bachmeyer himself on the situation.

Some are speculating that this edited video may open up a more thorough review of 2017 Open video submissions.

Feature image from @smashwerx Instagram page.