This Beach Gym Has Wooden Plates, Dumbbells, and Bars

How do you work out on vacation? In your hotel’s make shift gym, with a bodyweight circuit, or do you skip workouts completely, and say the good ol’ “Eh, I’m on vacation”.

If you’re part of the population that has to get a workout in, even on the road, then fear no more. For those traveling to the beach-y resort location of Tulum, Mexico, you can get a solid workout in while enjoying the sun.

Everyone sitting behind a desk at work today, I’m sorry. Get ready to have some serious beach workout envy.

The Tulum Jungle Gym was founded by Alastair and Katie Davies, two weathered fitness trainers who wanted to create an eco-friendly gym with a beach setting. Their gym is made of roughly 90% natural material based weights, but still has some Olympic and EZ Curl bars with bumper plates.

The addition of the Olympic bars/bumper plates is what sold us. We love the beautiful beach setting and the Fred Flinstone-esque theme, but we don’t think Fred had a strong snatch, or strong clean & jerk.

We like that the serious athlete can still train here, which is what originally caught our attention with the Jungle Gym. Check out the wooden squat rack and plates below.

Looking for some athletes doing Olympic lifts on the beach?

Here’s a sand filled snatch video below. Barefoot in the sun, Olympic lifts, and wooden plates, what more can the sun loving athlete want? Not to mention, missing an attempt just got easier, and little more “fun”.

We’re written about other destination based fitness locations, but the Tulum Jungle Gym may take the cake. These four locations are cool and offer the similar vacation setting, but lack the interesting mixture of natural materials and serious equipment.

Reader be warned, if you’re going to do more research on this gym, or search #tulumjunglegym on Instagram, then we take no responsibility for drooling at your desk, or future plane tickets purchased.

Feature image from @tulumjunglegym Instagram page.