Vote On the Most Epic USA Weightlifting Moment from the Last Decade

Who do you think deserves the top spot?

To cap off an historic decade for USA Weightlifting, they’ve asked for fans and athletes to vote on their favorite moments in competition from the last ten years. 

Over the weekend, USA Weightlifting shared an Instagram post that highlights eight major performances between the years of 2010 and 2020, and then asked fans to vote on their favorite ones. The competition starts today and USA Weightlifting said that they plan to share the matchups below in their Instagram stories to let fans vote on their favorite moments.

By making the voting a public endeavor, fans now get full control over which moments deserve to make it to the final rounds. Check out all of the matchups below. In your opinion, what’s your favorite moment below? Share in the comments!

USA Weightlifting Dominate the Decade Matchups

Matchup 1

Wes Kitts 2019 | PAG Gold Medal Clean & Jerk


Caine Wilks 2015 | First Clean & Jerk over 500 lbs since Shane Hammond

Matchup 2

Katherine Nye 2019 | Junior World Record Snatch


Mattie Rogers and Katherine Nye 2019 | World Weightlifting Championships Double Podium

Matchup 3

Sarah Robles 2016 | Rio Olympic Games Bronze Medal


Jared Fleming 2015 | 170kg Snatch at Nationals

Matchup 4

Holly Mangold 2012 | Qualifies for Olympic Games in hometown


Ian Wilson 2012 | 192k Clean & Jerk at Nationals

Roundup 5

Alyssa Ritchey 2019 | Pan American Record Clean & Jerk


Mattie Sasser 2019 | Heaviest USAW athlete to Clean & Jerk double bodyweight

Matchup 6

Morghan King 2016 | Clean & Jerk to quality for Olympic Games


Mattie Rogers 2016 | 3x American Records at Olympic trials

Matchup 7

CJ Cummings 2016 | 185k Youth World Record Clean & Jerk


Harrison Maurus 2017 | 193kg Youth World Record Clean & Jerk at 2017 WWC

Matchup 8

Kendrick Farris 2013 | 211kg Clean & Jerk in -94kg weight class


Hailey Reichardt 2018 | Youngest USAW woman to Clean & Jerk double bodyweight

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Feature image from @usa_weightlifting Instagram page.