USPA Texas and Pioneer Team Up to Host $150,000 Cash Prize Meet

The United State Powerlifting Association (USPA) Texas and Pioneer Belts appear to be teaming up to host a very high payout powerlifting meet. In a recent Facebook post within the USPA’s group, Bobby Morgan, USPA Texas State Chair, writes,

“PIONEER and USPA Texas are working together to bring one of the biggest cash meets EVER to hit the platform. Right now Pioneer is working on getting a cash purse of $150,000. This will be an invite only meet, also pioneer will be paying the entry fees for all lifters. It will be a 2 day event men on Saturday, ladies on Sunday. Also there will be no spectator fees. This event is in the works still, anyone who may be interested in being a sponsor/vendor please contact Matt Hadden at pioneer.”

As of right now, there hasn’t been a formal roster released, or a competition date, but in the comments section someone asked if the invite style would be similar to the CETC US Open, as in the best lifters receive the invites. In which Hadden from Pioneer replied, “That’s the plan as of now yes.”

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Back in April, the USPA also held the CETC US Open, which offered competitors the chance to compete for prizes within a massive total $210,000 purse. According to Powerlifting Watch, this was the biggest payout of any meet in powerlifting history. The top three payouts were awarded to the best lifters within the male’s lightweight and heavy weight classes, and then women’s weight classes. The top payouts for the best lifters were in the form of $40,000.

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One of the frequently talked about topics within the world of strength sports is how much top athletes make from various sports. Often it’s argued that the amount should be more for the amount of time, effort, and money athletes put into the sports they love. This is why it’s really interesting seeing the USPA continually put up big purses for athletes to win.

Could we be seeing a change in the tide for big payouts from other federations and sports?

Feature image from @uspapower Instagram page.