Weightlifter Eishiro Murakami Squats 360kg (794 lbs) With a Crazy Walkout

Japanese 105kg+ weightlifter Eishiro Murakami is squatting big weight to start off the week. In his latest Instagram video, Murakami squats a new lifetime PR of 360kg (794 lbs), and let’s just say it didn’t come without grit.

Although, contrary to how one normally struggles through a new lifting PR, it wasn’t the squat itself that caused Murakami to struggle, it was the walk out. Weightlifting bars are known to oscillate (or flex/bend) at heavier weights, but this squat may take the cake as one of the most extreme instances we’ve seen.

Check out Murakami’s crazy squat below, along with the walkout that almost tripped him up and caused his body to physically shake from the bar’s whip.

What’s possibly most crazy about Murakami’s lift was how easy he made the squat look after the nearly 7-second long walk out. Not to mention, the rack stands don’t look the most conducive to keeping the ankles safe from accidentally stepping on one of their legs.

If you’re already a fan of Murakami in weightlifting or follow him on Instagram, then you’re probably not too surprised by his epic squat strength. Three days ago, Murakami shared another squat PR, which highlighted a 340kg (748 lb) lift.

In the video below, Murakami shakes his head after the first rep, so we’re guessing he was meant to do more than one rep with this weight. And judging from his speed, explosiveness, and the fact he hit a 20kg PR three days later, we definitely think he could have.

Outside of Murakami’s insane back squats, he’s has also been putting up big weight on his front squats. In early March, he squatted 280kg (617 lbs) for a front squat PR, which like his back squats, he made look easy.

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Front Squats 280kg 617lbs PR #frontsquat

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Murakami’s last competition was in mid-March. At this competition (as per Murakami’s Instagram post), he hit 180kg and 185kg snatches, along with 210kg, 215kg, and 220kg clean & jerks.

Judging from his latest gym PRs and competition numbers, we’re pumped to see what else 2018 has in-store for this young athlete.

Feature image from @eishiro_murakami Instagram page.