19 Year-Old Weightlifter Meso Hassona Clean & Jerks a Monstrous 221kg (487 lbs)

Over the last ten days, the 2018 Asian Youth and Junior Weightlifting Championships took place in Urgench, Uzbekistan.

This competition hosted 248 lifters from 22 countries and included a couple firsts, like the Iranian Weightlifting Federation sending a female team to compete. Another competition first came from Qatar’s 94kg junior phenom Meso Hassona who hit a huge clean & jerk PR.

On his second attempt, Hassona called for 221kg (487 lbs) on the bar, which would top his previous competition best by 1kg. Check it out below.

Hassona went on to attempt 227kg (500 lbs) for his third attempt, but ended up missing the lift in the clean. Before hitting his new 221kg (487 lb) clean & jerk PR, Hassona finished his snatches with a 168kg (370 lb) make.

[Check out the time Meso Hassona hit a 215kg jerk in jeans after his 2017 IWF World Championships performance.]

These two lifts earned him an impressive 389kg (857 lb) total, and keep in mind, he’s a junior 94kg athlete. For a closer look at the 221kg (487 lb) clean & jerk PR, check out the video below from Hookgrip.

Back in December, we wrote and reported on Hassona’s 220kg (484 lb) clean & jerk from the 2017 IWF World Championships. This lift earned him a silver medal in that lift behind Iran’s Sorab Moradi. For the snatch, Hassona hit 163kg (359 lb), so his 168kg is a strong 5kg competition improvement.

A silver medal, a 220kg (484 lb) clean & jerk PR, and a 363kg total, not a bad way to finish his first ever IWF World Championship at a junior athlete.

Hassona’s next major competition is set to be the 2018 IWF Junior World Championships, which are taking place July 7th-14th in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

With a 5kg improvement on his snatch and another PR on his clean & jerk, it’s looking like the sky’s the limit for this young athlete. It’s going to be exciting to see what he’s able to do in July at the Junior World Championships.

Feature image from Obb2 Reddit post.