Watch 19 Year Old Meso Hassona Clean & Jerk 220kg, Then Jerk 215kg In Jeans

Possibly one of the best lifts from this year’s IWF Weightlifting World Championships came from Qatar’s young weightlifting phenom Meso Hassona. He put on an outstanding performance at the championships, and we wanted to highlight a couple of his big lifts. For this competition, he moved up a weight class into the 94kg A men’s flight, and held his own against some of the world’s best, which includes the current multi-world world record holder Sohrad Moradi.

Hassona has become well-known for his epic strength, but more specifically, his strong clean & jerk. At this year’s Worlds he hit a 220kg personal best on his third attempt, and ended up earning a silver medal for the clean & jerk. Keep in mind, this lift was the second heaviest of the session, behind Moradi’s world record breaking 233kg attempt.

Check out Hassona’s epic 220kg clean & jerk below.

Before his successful attempt at 220kg, Hassona snatched 163kg, and both of these lifts combined earned him a 383kg total, which put him fourth in the world for total. Not bad at all for his first major competition at 94kg.

At Worlds we spoke with the lifter and watched Hassona’s training on multiple occasions, and one thing’s for sure, he has a crazy workload capacity. Obviously, he was peaking and he’s young, so of course his workload is naturally high, but it always seemed like he was pushing it a step further compared to the competitors around him.

To further our point, two days after stepping off the platform, Hassona was filmed hitting a 215kg jerk at the Eleiko booth training platforms. And thank you for the video and post from Reddit user 11cupsofcoldbrew. Then to top it off, he hit this monstrous jerk in jeans. It’s good to know Hassona can hit heavy jerks at all times of day.

Meso Hassano hits a 215kg jerk (in jeans and cold) 2 Days after he hits it on the platform! from weightlifting

After the performance Hassona put on this weekend, we’re excited to see what the future holds for this young weightlifter. Whether he competes at 85kg or 94kg, Hassona has proven to play a dominant force.

Feature image screenshot from @qatarweightlifting Instagram page.