Wes Kitts Front Squats a Massive 255kg Lifetime PR

Meanwhile out at California Strength, Wes Kitts is continuing on his flow of breaking lifetime PRs. Over the last couple of weeks, California Strength have shared a handful of big PRs from Kitts and many fans, like us, are optimistic that these PRs are all strong suggestions of what Kitts will be capable of achieving at the 2018 IWF World Championships.

Kitts has had an exceptional competitive season this year and became a Pan American Champion in the -105kg weight class back in May. At the Pan Ams, Kitts took home first with a solid 172kg snatch and 212kg clean & jerk. Since the Pan Ams and new bodyweight category announcement, Kitts has announced that he’ll be moving up to the -109kg weight class, as the -102kg bodyweight bodyweight category will no longer be contested in the Olympics or IWF events.

This decision has created a ton of excitement behind what Kitts could be capable of achieving with a slightly higher bodyweight. In fact, since the weight class announcement in July, Kitts has hit the new Senior American Record Standard for the -109kg category (which is higher than his current -105kg Senior American Record), hit a lifetime 217kg PR clean & jerk, and has increased both his front and back squat maxes. Watch his heaviest ever clean & jerk below.

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No coach, no team, NO RULES!!! 217kg (478#) Clean and Jerk. The team was gone to Vegas for the AO3 and Dave was in Hawaii for his brother’s wedding, so I thought I should try to enjoy myself. Besides I didn’t want to be sitting around doing busy work while there is 1,600 other people competing over in Vegas! It’s crazy how the sport is growing and @usa_weightlifting has been doing an awesome job putting these meets together and getting more people involved. It’s so cool to see so many people with a passion for weightlifting out there getting on the platform and I’m definitely a little bummed I couldn’t come out to see it first hand. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves this weekend and that you’re all excited to get back to the grind and prepare even harder for the next one! @cal_strength #weightlifting #training #ao3 #usaw #usaweightlifting #workout

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As mentioned above and in addition to his lifetime clean & jerk PR, Kitts has more recently hit a big front squat PR.

Yesterday, Cal Strength shared Kitts’ latest 255kg front squat and wrote in the Instagram description, “Another PR for Wes Kitts and it’s only week three of the Wes World cycle!! Here’s a new lifetime best 255kg (562lb) Front Squat to cap off tonight’s training session!”

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Another PR for Wes Kitts [@weskitts22] and it’s only week three of the Wes World cycle!! Here’s a new lifetime best 255kg (562lb) Front Squat to cap off tonight’s training session! 🇺🇸 – Need to improve your squat numbers? All Cal Strength Training Programs are available online, allowing us to help athletes and coaches just like you all over the world. Learn more by heading to californiastrength.com or simply click the link in our bio to get started! – 8+ Programs To Choose From: ✔️ Cal Strength Starter ✔️ Cal Strength Club ✔️ Cal Strength Women ✔️ Cal Strength Elite ✔️ Ground Force (Football & Rugby) ✔️ Total Speed (Linear & Lateral) ✔️ The Barbell WOD (CF Athletes) ✔️ The Barbell WOD Plus (CF Athletes) – #CalStrength #CalStrengthSoldier #FightingTheWarOnMediocrity @cytosportbrand @thebarbellwod @nordicnaturals @nsfcertforsport

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At the World Championships in two months, Kitts is going to have his work cut out for him, and with these recent lifetime PRs we’re pumped to see what he’s capable of.

Feature image from @cal_strength Instagram page.