165 lb Powerlifter Sharif El-Kady Deadlifts 765 lbs

In the last two months we’ve seen some seriously strong pound for pound deadlifts, like Cailer Woolam pulling a 900 lb deadlift at 198 lbs, and Yury Belkin hitting 927 lbs around 227 lbs. In all honesty, the whole year of 2016 was a great year for deadlifts, so we can only hope 2017 will offer the same.

In the first few days of 2017 we’re already seeing a shred of deadlift promise. Sharif El-Kady, a 21 year old powerlifter from Canada, just shared a video of himself pulling 765 lbs at a bodyweight of 165 lbs. That’s 4.6 times his bodyweight.

He completed this deadlift in a sumo stance with a Texas deadlift bar and straps. While it wouldn’t count in an official powerlifting competition, it’s still a seriously strong pull.

In the comments section below the video, he notes that he’s hit a 540 lb deadlift in competition with a stiff bar, but he’s since gotten stronger. While his deadlift is impressive, El-Kady also has other impressive lifts in his arsenal.

In a video he shared two days ago on Instagram, El-Kady hits a 550 lb squat single wearing only a belt and SBD knee wraps. That’s 3.3 times his bodyweight.

The depth of the squat is a little questionable for competition standards, but he definitely hits parallel.

If you think the 550 lb squat depth is in question, then check out this 540 single he shared a week ago. Here he low-bar squats the weight with better depth and speed.

El-Kady’s bench is also strong. The video below has him performing a 315 lb bench press with a 4-second hold.

In the comments section someone asked if his butt was touching the bench, and El-Kady stated that, it’s just his arch and he’s never been flagged in competition.

Hopefully El-Kady can continue to put up these big lifts at his bodyweight. From the lifts we can see the future is looking bright for this young powerlifter.

Feature image from @bigbossdeadlift Instagram page.