Mat Fraser and Laura Horvath Lead After Day 1 of 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games

One day down, three to go (for the individual athletes) at the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games. Yesterday, individual athletes went through a gruelingly tough day one — scratch that — the hardest day one in the Reebok CrossFit Games history. Dave Castro teased and stated that it would be the toughest day ever, and multiple athletes have confirmed it.

To kick off the day, individual athletes started their morning with the Event 1 “Crit”, which was a 10-lap bike race on a 1,200 meter track. To follow the bike race, athletes later performed 30 ring muscle-ups for time for Event 2, and then did a CrossFit Total for Event 3. To finish the day, athletes underwent Event 4, which was a Marathon Row.

Yesterday’s events definitely took a toll on many athletes, as evident by the medical staff who had to help a handful of athletes after the marathon row. Fortunately, every athlete made it through day one in a single piece with the exception of Michele Fumagalli who withdrew after her fall on the bike course.

2018 Reebok CrossFit Games Current Leaders

After the first four events, the spread in points for both the men and women is much less than what many speculated. For example, 2-time Reebok CrossFit Games Champion Mat Fraser is in the lead for the men, but by only 2-points over Lukas Hogberg.

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For the women, a lot of big names round out the top five, but Reebok CrossFit Games rookie Laura Horvath has been putting on a show and currently holds the leader spot, while 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games Champion Tia-Clair Toomey is hot on her heels after having the leader spot taken by Horvath following the Marathon Row.

Check out the top five placings for the individual men and women athletes below.

Individual Women Individual Men
1. Laura Horvath 1. Mat Fraser
2. Tia-Clair Toomey 2. Lukas Hogberg
3. Annie Thorrisdottir 3. Cole Sager
4. Kara Saunders 4. Lukas Esslinger
5. Kristi Eramo 5. Adrian Mundwiler

What Athletes Thought of Reebok CrossFit Games Day 1

It’s easy to sit and speculate about day one’s toughness as a fan, but what did the athletes that went through it think? After all, on Dave Castro’s Instagram page he wrote about what 10-time Reebok CrossFit Games athlete Ben Smith said, “Tell Dave I’ll let him know for sure if this was the hardest day one once that marathon row is done.” 

And after last night’s marathon row Smith shared a photo saying, “Quite the day 1 @thedavecastro. #IveGotSomeWorkLeftToDo #MyButtHurts#IWontBeRowingThatAgain”

If anyone has a point of reference for tough days at the Reebok CrossFit Games, Smith is probably the best athlete to turn to, but what did other athletes think? Below, we’ve included multiple quotes from various athlete’s Instagram pages to summarize their day one experiences.

After a bumpy start, Patrick Vellner said on his Instagram page, “Tough start to be games, but what else is new…I’m excited for a day off tomorrow and to continue the charge. Day one feelings: don’t ever row a marathon.” Brent Fikowski shared his throughts saying, “It was a big day of exercising #neverrowingamarathonagain #mybuttissore #paintmelikeoneofyourfrenchgirls”

Madeline Sturt wrote, “Day one at the @crossfitgames defiantly lived up to expectations. But I honestly had so much fun achieving things I never have before. Can’t wait for day two”. And Chyna Cho said, WHAT A DAY. YOU WERE DEFINITELY RIGHT @thedavecastro. THAT WAS A TOUGH DAY ONE”

Cole sager shared his personal thoughts writing, “What a day. My heart is so full! Day 1 was certainly the toughest day in @crossfitgames history. We are all feeling it in a big way.
Thank you so much to the fans helping us pull through this with strength and honor! Your support is humbling! Excited for that rest day!”

What’s interesting to note is that while a lot of athletes wrote about how tough day one was, they also shared how many positives came along with the struggle. In all honesty, that’s probably the reason they’re elite as they are.

For example, Whitney Gelin wrote, “What an amazing experience!! Yes, allll of our butts hurt but it was a once in a lift time chance to sit in a room with 80 of your peers and row a marathon. Truly inspired by all the effort of the men and women today and proud to stand next them in the open ceremonies tomorrow! Thank you to all the fans that stayed and supported us for 3+ hours!!”

And Camilla LeBlanc-Bazinet added, “1 shoulder surgery later and day 1 at the 2018 @crossfitgames in the book!!! I loved everything about day 1 and couldnt be more proud of the effort i put in. 

Amazingly i was stoke to have the opportunity to row a full marathon… in 2013 i did the half with a bad mindset and its something that had always stuck with me as a failure and letting myself down…Last night might has been the best effort physically and mentally O’ve ever put in a workout so far and i am beyond proud and redeemed! So excited to keep going I am having the time of my life outside the extreme hamstring soreness that I earned from rowing so much hahahaha.

Also thank you for all the cheers on the bike course i got very emotional and so so so grateful you guys are the best and thank you for gladly watching us for 3 hours on the row it means so much”

After a very long day one, it’s safe to say the individual athletes have all earned their day off. Competition picks back up on Friday as the athletes will start the day with the Event 5 titled “The Battleground”.

Feature images from @crossfitgames and @laurahorvaht Instagram pages, photo taken by @davexre.