Sam Briggs Has Visa Issues, 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games Participation In Question

Earlier today, 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games Champion Samantha Briggs took to Instagram to share some potentially unfortunate news. In her Instagram post, Briggs shares that she’s experiencing visa issues and may be unable to make it to the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games. Based on her post, it appears Briggs has about a day or so to figure out her visa predicament before having to withdraw.

This situation has many CrossFit fans scratching their heads, as this isn’t the first time Briggs has experienced visa issues. In 2016, Briggs faced a similar issue with obtaining a visa, and luckily at that time, she was able to solve the issue and make it to the Games.

So far this year, Briggs has had a tough competition season. In late April, she announced that she withdrew her CrossFit Regionals invitation due to a broken elbow, and was going to compete in the Master’s division at this year’s Games. In Briggs’ Instagram post she writes, “***Urgent help needed***

Due to circumstances beyond my control I am currently unable to get a visa to travel into the US to compete at the @crossfitgames. We have been working with my lawyers to explore every avenue possible unfortunately non have been successful

This is my last attempt as I would need to fly tomorrow in order to register and compete. Please message if you are a Customs Boarder Patrol officer or have a contact in the CBP who would be willing to assist me in this situation

I have worked so hard to be ready to compete next week and CrossFit is my passion … if someone can help me step onto the competition floor I’m willing to donate any winnings I receive to a charity of their choice!”

Hopefully in the next day or two, Briggs is able to solve this issue and make it to the Games. Every year, Briggs is a continually competitive athlete and took ninth last year for the Open individual women’s athletes. Briggs is working with limited time, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on this developing news story, along with updating information on the site accordingly.

Feature image from @bicepslikebriggs Instagram page.