2022 Giants Live World Tour Final Events Announced

The Atlas Stones will NOT be at this contest.

The 2022 Giants Live World Tour Final will take place on Oct. 8, 2022, at the OVO Hydro arena in Glasgow, Scotland. The single-day contest will feature five events, which were announced on Aug. 18, 2022. Notably, the Atlas Stones will be absent from this competition.

2022 World Tour Final Events

Check out 2016 Europe’s Strongest Man (ESM) Laurence Shahlaei and Liz Mason break down each event in the video from their YouTube channel below:

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The current athletes set to compete in Glasgow are below:

2022 Giants Live World Tour Finals Roster

The events at the 2022 World Tour Final are likely to display the fortes of each strongman on the roster.


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Dumbbell Press

The heavy dumbbell press has essentially become a showcase for Novikov, who has dominated it in every competition since the 2021 Rogue Invitational. It is unlikely that this event would be any different, but it’s possible that Iron Biby, with his elite overhead pressing strength, could give Novikov a run for his money.

Still, this event is timed, and the efficiency of movement is likely to favor Novikov. It will be a compelling battle to watch but expect Novikov to be the strongman to beat.

Nicol Stone Carry

Both Andy Black and Kevin Faires have displayed impressive abilities in this event previously. Black trained the Dinnie stones with Shahlaei when the former ESM champion set the previous world record, and Faires is the current Dinnie Stones world record holder. Faires also holds the Nicol Stones world record.

Faires should be the favorite entering the event, though many of the strongmen on the roster have never performed the event at a premier contest. If Kordiyaka has the grip strength to hang on to the hand-piercing handles, his long frame should allow for him to be efficient down the course.

Axle Deadlift

Though Novikov has pulled off some incredible deadlifts in major shows this season, including a win in the Car Deadlift at the 2022 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) contest and a new Hummer Tire Deadlift world record at the 2022 Shaw Classic, the roster is packed with strong pullers.

Given that this is a single-day contest, the athletes will likely be carrying some amount of fatigue in the latter half of the competition. The athletes that are poised to make up points by lifting the axle from the floor will likely go for broke in this event, but there may be a strategy to conserve energy that could pay off in the later events that don’t have so many specialists.


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Anchor Carry and Chain Drag

This medley is all about speed, speed, speed. While the implements will be heavy, all the strongmen in the field are certainly capable of lifting and moving the weight. The deciding factor will be which athletes have the ability to move quickly with those implements.

Again, Novikov looks like a strong contender in this event. However, Singleton notably excels in single-day contests where he can leave everything he has out on the field. Tom Stoltman and Kordiyaka are also two big men who can move quite well, so expect this race to be fought and won by tight margins.

Power Stairs

Tom Stoltman and Maxime Boudreault are the two standouts for the Power Stairs. Both men performed exceptionally well in the event at the 2022 WSM contest, with Boudreault scoring the fastest time and the event win. If the structure and implements are similar to what they were at the 2022 WSM in Sacramento, CA, it seems safe to bet that Boudreault will take it down again.

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