Watch 66kg Powerlifter Rodrigo Manzo Pull 4.2 Times His Bodyweight

Juggernaut Training Systems held their second USA Powerlifting event this past Sunday on January 22nd. This event was called the Juggernaut Winter Open and offered the chance for youth to masters level athletes to compete.

One junior athlete that stood out was ~23 year old, 66kg (145 lb) powerlifter Rodrigo Manzo. The man not only broke three records in each lift, but he also set a fourth record with an unofficial USAPL Jr. and Open American Record Total at 1,399.5 lbs.

His deadlift was possibly the most impressive lift he put up that day. For his last attempt, Manzo smoked a 611 lb pull, which is 4.2 times his body weight. Any time an athlete lifts 4+ times their bodyweight, some serious credit is due. That’s an insane feat of strength.

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This 611 lb deadlift sealed Manzo’s California Jr. and Open State record for his weight class. His squat and bench were equally as impressive, both earning him California State Jr. and Open State records.

Manzo’s final squat was 469 lbs, which equalled 3.2 times his body weight. His final bench press was 319 lbs, or 2.2 times body weight. Both lifts were performed well with good speed.

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Perhaps the most exhilirating moment of Manzo’s full meet was his excitement after his final deadlift attempt.

A week ago, he posted a video on his Instagram page missing a 605 lb deadlift. In the description he writes, “For the second time this has evaded me. Perhaps in 7 days things will be different.” A week later and things were definitely different.

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His reaction after the 611 lb pull was pure personal joy, which makes that lift mean so much more. In addition to setting California state records, it was a big PR for Manzo on a personal level, which is what competing is all about.

This was Manzo’s first USA Powerlifting sanctioned meet, so it’s exciting to think about what numbers he’ll put up as his strength and experience improves. Will we be seeing more records broken by this 66kg junior powerlifter this year?

Feature image from @rodrigo.manzo Instagram page.