Highlights From Aleksey Torokhtiy’s Latest Reddit AMA

Yesterday, 2012 Olympic gold medalist Aleksey Torokhtiy partook in an Ask Me Anything with Reddit. If you don’t know Torokhtiy yet, he’s been actively building his online voice and content behind his personal brand “Warm Body, Cold Mind.”

In addition to the plethora of useful videos made for lifters, he’s even released a free program for weightlifters to try. If you’re a fan of Torokhtiy and missed his AMA – don’t sweat it – I pulled the best questions and answers and quoted them below.

On Traveling

Since the Olympics, Torokhtiy has been making a big effort to travel and provide coaching for multiple athletes.

frobro989: “Hi Aleksey! Non-weightlifting question here. In 2016, how much of your time was spent traveling to other countries and how much of your time was spent staying at home? How many countries did you visit?

TOROKHTIY_Aleksey: “About 35 seminars in different countries. I can’t remember all the time spent traveling. I really miss my family.”

On His Son’s Lifting Career

Torokhtiy has a little boy who may or may not follow in his dad’s Olympic footsteps, but he’s definitely got the weightlifting warm-up down.

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i8AP4T: “Do you think your son will follow you into weightlifting, and is that what you would want?”

TOROKHTIY_Aleksey: “I consider he will C&J 200 kilos and then he will decide himself.”

On Weightlifting Advice

When it comes to simple, straight forward advice, Torokhtiy is a great go-to as demonstrated below in some of his Reddit answers.

SexyExxy: “Hello Aleksey! I am a big fan, you are the man who inspired me to start weightlifting. Your London 2012 performance inspires me every day

  • 1. Any tips for a tall weightlifter who has a hard time gaining weight? I am 1.92 meter, ~87 kilos.
  • 2. What is your favorite exercise for hip mobility?

Thank you so much for all that you do for the weightlifting community!”

TOROKHTIY_Aleksey: “1. I always eat everything that moves. 2. Lower body stretches.

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itrunner: “Hello Aleksey! What is the most common mistake you’re seeing amongst new lifters?”

TOROKHTIY_Aleksey: “I consider there should be mistakes, otherwise all the athletes would lift heavy easily. Lack of extension; shoulders lean back.”

reddeltasev: “Aleksey, I have a terrible habit of not fully extending when snatching. I have very good mobility, so this is very easy for me to do. What drills are best for making sure I finish my pull every time?”

TOROKHTIY_Aleksey: “HANG SNATCH complex: POWER SNATCH (from below the knees) + SQUAT SNATCH and deficit power snatch.”

deccw: “At what point do you think it’s acceptable for a lifter to develop their own style and stop following a more normal technique?”

TOROKHTIY_Aleksey: “It’s acceptable to think about own style after 10 years’ professional career.”

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On Possibly Powerlifting?

Lately Torokhtiy has been trying CrossFit® to better understand the sport, but how great would it be to see him compete in powerlifting?

Swedish_Dynamite: “What are your thoughts on powerlifting in general? Would you ever consider training/competing in that sport?”

TOROKHTIY_Aleksey: “Well…I haven’t thought about that yet. Maybe in future.”

OnPersonal Deep Life Questions

To wrap up my highlights of Torokhtiy’s most recent AMA, I leave you with two questions that are not only deep, but should leave you with a smile.

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oestorgenic: “Do you ever feel regret over your decision to become an elite athlete?”

TOROKHTIY_Aleksey: “After every single training.”

very_nice_how_much: “If you weren’t doing what you’re doing right now how would you like to make a living?”

TOROKHTIY_Aleksey: “I’d possibly do what I don’t do now.”

now that was deep.

Feature image from @torokhtiy Instagram page.