Olympic Weightlifting Champ Aleksey Torokhtiy Releases Free Online Programming

Go ahead and give this man all the karma, folks. Aleksey Torokhtiy — Ukrainian national treasure and 2012 Olympic gold medalist in the 105 kg class — has released 11 weeks of free online training via YouTube and Facebook. Though he started putting the pieces online late last year, Torokhtiy recently put together the compiled videos and training sheets on an r/weightlifting thread on reddit. The programming is completely free, with subtitled videos and easy-to-follow templates. For an example, check out Week 1’s video, embedded below.

Torokhtiy isn’t just going through the motions on this: He’s providing real coaching advice that corresponds to his movement demonstrations week after week. It’s in-depth insight into his thought process and cues all the way through, not just the first time a movement is introduced in the programming.

Here’s a glimpse into the programming template itself, embedded from Facebook.

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Posted by Torokhtiy Aleksey on Saturday, October 24, 2015

Aleksey’s “Warm Body, Cold Mind” brand has really taken off through the great content he’s been pushing out. Still only 29 years old, he’s become something of an elder statesman in the sport, touring the globe, teaching seminars, and swapping knowledge with some of the best coaches out there. This is a man who’s putting a LOT of time and effort into building his brand through actual, original thought and content — much of which he gives away for free.

Though Torokhtiy appears to be retired from competition to focus more time on coaching others, he’s still in incredible shape. At the Hookgrip Spartakiad earlier this year, he went 180/230 (though the last clean & jerk came after an extra attempt; who WOULDN’T want to see this man go after 500+ pounds?).

If anyone has given the program a go (or is planning on it), we’d love to hear about your experience and progress.