Powerlifter Amanda Lawrence Squats 570 lbs, Discusses #Roadto600

If you read this title and thought to yourself, “Wait, didn’t I just read an article covering Amanda Lawrence and one of her strong lifts,” then we’d have to answer yes, yes you did, and you’re not wrong in thinking so.

Over the last three months, it seems like every two weeks we’re covering one of Lawrence’s monstrous deadlifts or squats, and that’s for good reason. Lawrence, an -84kg powerlifter, has made incredible progress over the course of 2018 and is looking very strong heading into the competitive season for 2019.

In October of this year, Lawrence competed at USAPL Raw Nationals and broke two American records with a 238.5kg/525 lb second attempt squat and a 245kg/540 lb third attempt deadlift. Since then, we’ve written about her a handful of times and her latest squat tops her current USAPL record by 45 lbs and the -84kg IPF world record by 100 lbs. 

In her latest video, Lawrence hits a ridiculously strong 258.5kg/570 lb squat PR. She writes in her video’s description, “570 lbs PR. That was lit! There’s still so much time left for this Arnold Prep.”

That’s right, Lawrence is hitting these numbers and she’s still over three months out from her next week at the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival. To top it off, her squat isn’t the only lift that’s moving off the charts.

Three weeks ago, we wrote about Lawrence deadlifting a huge 258.5kg/570 lbs, which was big, but that’s not even her heaviest to date. The week following that article, Lawrence ended up pulling 265kg/585 lbs. Check that lift out below!

In regards to her squat training right now Lawrence said, “I currently squat three times per week with a low, moderate, and high frequency day. I also hit a single once per week.”

And if you follow Lawrence, then you’ve probably seen the “#roadto600” hashtag on multiple occasions. We asked about her goals for the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival, and if we might see 600 by then.

Lawrence said, “My goal is definitely to hit 600 lbs. It’s not easy to make huge jumps as the weight gets heavier and heavier. I don’t necessarily have a time frame for it, but you can for sure bet it’ll be there in 2019. My overall goal is to continues improving meet after meet. I feel like both my squat and deadlift are on track for 600 very soon. Both very exciting!” 

Feature image from @miss.amanda.ann Instagram page. 

Jake Boly

Jake Boly

Jake holds a Master’s in Sports Science and a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science. Currently, Jake serves as the Fitness and Training Editor at BarBend. He’s a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and has spoken at state conferences on the topics of writing in the fitness industry and building a brand.

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