Arnold Schwarzenegger and LeBron James Fight Over Workout Music

In an ad for their new supplement company, Schwarzenegger and James battle over workout tunes.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and LeBron James are in a fight. And it isn’t just any ordinary fight: it’s over the ultimate warm-up playlist.

Now, you may know that Schwarzenegger and James hold something very closely in common – they both founded the supplement company Ladder, along with Lindsey Vonn and Cindy Crawford.

We’ve reviewed them ourselves and you can check out our video reviews here: Ladder’s Whey has a surprising hit of probiotic bacteria for gut health, Ladder’s Greens powder has an unusually strong focus on workout recovery, and Ladder’s Energy is a pre workout that has way more ingredients for focus than their average competitor. 

This week, Ladder put together an ad which featured both Schwarzenegger and James working out in the gym. What started off as two guys just minding their own business getting a good pump turned into a battle over who has the best workout music.

Schwarzenegger took control first, and even mentioned on Reddit that he still plans to improve his playlist.

I’m going to work on my playlist. When I train at Gold’s I actually don’t listen to music because I am either completely focused with my mind in the muscle I’m training or joking with my training partners. But at home, I put on music.

After Schwarzenegger’s old fashioned rock began to takeover the gym, James and DJ Khaled teamed up to blast their club tunes over it.

It almost didn’t seem fair that James had his own personal DJ, which is why Schwarzenegger opted to round up a band playing German folk music — what he calls his “oompah” band — to gain back control. Between the German band and some on-beat Schwarzenegger pec-pumps, I think this round went to Schwarzenegger.

“When my team asked where we would find an oompah band, I said ‘duh,'” the Governator said on Reddit. “These guys play every party at my house.”

Featured image via Arnold Schwarzenegger on YouTube.