Mr. Olympia 2019 Brandon Curry Shares His Arm Building Tips

One of the world's top bodybuilders shares his favorite routines for bigger arms.

A few years ago, there were a few names that came to mind when you thought about the “elite” of bodybuilding. Names like Heath, Jackson, Ramy, and Rhoden were easy to think of. One that may not have is Brandon Curry, but in the last couple years, that is the company he put himself in. This was shown by his performance at the 2018 Mr. Olympia, which led to him placing 5th, Curry is now among the elite in the sport.

Now he has his sights set on the 2019 Arnold Classic title. In years past, the winner of this show is considered one of the top contenders to challenge the reigning Mr. Olympia. So hopefully Shawn Rhoden has his eyes on the Tennessee native, because Curry is coming to Columbus for the win.

“It’s really been a long journey of ups and downs to finally see the day I would be a top contender at the Arnold Classic. The Arnold Classic was the first big bodybuilding and fitness event I had ever been to when I took notice of the industry. It was an overwhelming experience seeing all the top guys at the huge festival my first time.”

Bodybuilder Brandon Curry

He hasn’t won this show before, but he has been victorious at the Arnold Australia and in Brazil. “My faith and belief in being a champion in this sport is what carried me this far through the up and the downs. It’s driven me to win two Arnold’s in Brazil and Australia thus far, and now I’m after the big daddy of them all. God willing 2019 just might be the year I see it.”

Among the biggest changes that Curry has made are with his arms. In any pose, they stand out. So it would make sense to learn more about what he’s doing, right? Fortunately, Curry shares his favorite exercises and a sample workout for you to try.

Brandon Curry’s Favorite Biceps Exercises

Bodybuilder Posing

Incline Curls – “I’m a fan of incline curls because of the stretch position. I really believe in overloading a muscle in the lengthened part of the range of motion for maximal muscle growth.”

Drag Curls – “Drag curls allow me to provide maximal tension and focus on contraction of muscle without shoulder flexion, aka swinging the arms in front of the body.”

Preacher Curl Machine – “I prefer preacher machines over the standard preacher curl for the constant tension throughout the full range of motion. If the cam or pulley system is just right, then it will give you more tension where you are strong and less where you are not.”

Brandon Curry’s Favorite Triceps Exercises

Smith Machine Close Grip Bench Press – “Close grip bench on a smith machine allows me to get in a position that increases the angle of the arm, working the tricep with more tension through a greater range of motion. Some people may say I perform these more like a JM Press.”

Machine Dips – “Now I’ve always loved dips but as I’ve gotten bigger they can put pain where I don’t want it. The machine dip allows me to adjust my body for less pain and maximal tension on the triceps.”

Triceps Extensions from Pullover Position – If you ever done a dumbbell pullover and got sore triceps, you probably was a victim of too much arm movement. I take advantage of this by doing tricep extension in a pullover position, attacking the long head of the tricep with a deep stretch.”

Extra Pointers

Curry goes for the higher rep ranges because he don’t want to beat up his joints with too much intensity. He focuses on quality contractions with each rep. The weight is a means to an end.

You can rest as needed between sets but 60-90 seconds is a good time to shoot for.

Brandon Curry’s Arm Workout

Incline Curls – 3-4 sets of 12-20 reps.
Drag Curls – 3-4 sets of 12-20 reps.
Preacher Curl Machine – 3 sets of 12-20 reps.

Smith Machine Close Grip Bench Press – 3-4 sets of 12-20 reps.
Machine Dips – 3-4 sets of 12-20 reps.
Preacher Curl Machine – 3-4 sets of 12-20 reps.

*Rest as needed between sets. Use more weight if you use the lower rep range.