4-Time Men’s Physique Olympia Champion Jeremy Buendia Says He Plans to Compete Again

The former champion says he's making a comeback, and hints at entering the 2023 Olympia.

Four-time Men’s Physique Olympia winner Jeremy Buendia has committed to returning to the competitive bodybuilding stage for the first time since 2018. Although he doesn’t explicitly say so, Buendia suggests that he wants to enter the 2023 Olympia. 

On Sept. 6, 2022, Buendia published a video on his YouTube channel that was filmed one week prior, announcing that he was starting his off-season with intentions of returning to competition. Watch it below:

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The video opened with Buendia stepping on a scale, saying he weighed 192.4 pounds. As the video title indicated, his goal is to bulk up to 220 pounds over the next 18 weeks — his all-time heaviest weight. Buendia aims to cut weight from there to step on stage at around 200 pounds

Before he began his training, he expressed his thoughts about making a comeback after a four-year absence.

“I took a lot of time off. I’m ready. I’m ready mentally. Physically, I’m ready to get after it.” he said. “I’m eager to get back onstage and show you guys what I’m capable of doing.”

Before Buendia’s sabbatical from the stage, he worked with coach Hany Rambod. Buendia is working with a new coach that has previously worked with an Olympia champion, but he did not disclose who that was.


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Buendia shared that he will attend the 2022 Olympia, scheduled for Dec. 16-18 in Las Vegas, NV, but as a spectator. He plans to return to competition in 2023. Although he never explicitly discloses what show he plans on entering, he hints at wanting a rematch with three-time defending Men’s Physique Olympia winner Brandon Hendrickson

Buendia hopes Hendrickson wins the 2022 Olympia, which would make Hendrickson a four-time champion, tying Buendia for the most Men’s Physique Olympia titles ever.

Buendia made it clear that he wants to face Hendrickson under those circumstances in 2023 because if either of them wins, the winner would be the first five-time champion in the division’s history.

We shared the Olympia stage three times. I’m 2-1. So, I want Brandon to win next year. I want to battle for [title number] five in 2023.

The last time Hendrickson and Buendia met onstage was at the 2018 Olympia. Buendia was the defending champion, but Hendrickson won the contest and his first of three Olympia titles. Buendia finished fourth at that contest and hasn’t returned to the competition stage since.

As a former Men’s Physique Olympia winner, Buendia has a lifetime invite to the Men’s Physique Olympia contest, meaning he doesn’t have to compete in another pro show in 2023 to qualify for the Olympia.

Featured Image: Jeremy Buendia on YouTube