Watch Bradley Martyn’s 265lb Power Snatch

Bradley Martyn is perhaps best known as an talented physique athlete, social media celebrity, and the owner of a Los Angeles gym called Zoo Culture. But the guy actually has a pretty long history as an Olympic weightlifter and while he doesn’t compete anymore, he still likes to bust out some Oly moves now and then.

All of which is our longwinded way of telling you to check out Bradley Martyn’s 265-pound power snatch! This is a PR for the dude.

For viewers having trouble seeing it on mobile, it can also be found here.

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Purists may criticize his form but again, for someone best known as a bodybuilder, we thought this was pretty cool.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Martyn branch out into some Olympic lifting accessories in his videos. Here he is overhead squatting what looks like 275 pounds for several singles (on what was supposed to be a “rest day.”)

And if you’re more interested in raw power, we also wrote a whole article about this clip below where he pulled off two sets of five 315-pound cleans.

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He has noted on several occasions that he used to do a ton of Olympic weightlifting, which he described in a 2011 interview as his favorite form of physical exercise.

But of course, Martyn is better known for his gigantic muscles and his cheeky sense of humor, both of which he has displayed in a lot of impressive videos. Some of our favorites include squatting two ladies on a hoverboard. For reps. In a murderous clown mask.

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And this extraordinary, gym-wide mannequin challenge (remember those?) wherein he held a gutwrenching pause deadlift and afterward… another two-lady lift.

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How he keeps so many areas of his fitness honed is a question we’ve asked more than once but hey, we’re just going to look forward to more Olympic lifting from the guy.

Featured image via @zooculture on Instagram.