The Top 6 Fitness Mannequin Challenges (So Far)

There’s no question that social media has become a dominant force in our society. It’s one of the few things that can cause the nation to come together and partake in similar challenges and movements. For example, remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? Everyone seemed to do it. In the last two weeks, a new challenge has swept the nation, and that of course is the #MannequinChallenge.

This particular “challenge” involves everyone in the video to remain completely frozen, as if they’re mannequins. Athletes, celebrities, companies, and even your family members all seem to be joining in on the fun. Personally, I love the fitness-based mannequin challenges. There’s something about holding weights with your friends and making funny faces that put me in a better mood.  So for your enjoyment – I made a list of my six favorite fitness mannequin challenges.

1. Kevin Hart and Buddies In the Gym 

This is possibly the most viewed mannequin challenge filmed in a gym, Kevin Hart’s video currently has just north of 2.5 million views!

A video posted by Kevin Hart (@kevinhart4real) on

2. Bradley Martyn Doing Strong Things

Bradley Martyn holds a heavy pull and is surrounded by frozen, fit people. What’s not to love about this clip?

A video posted by Bradley Martyn (@bradleymartyn) on

3. Terron Beckham Holds a 405 lb Bench

This is the heaviest frozen bench press I’ve seen, if you’ve seen heavier, please share! Beckham makes this 405 lb hold look easy, he finishes the video by completing the press.

4. Reebok CrossFit 5th Ave. Crushing It

This CrossFit box has everyone participate in the challenge and finishes the video with everyone lifting together. Awesome synchronization and clip.

5. CrossFit Terminus Gives You a Tour

Terminus gives you a tour of their gym and showcases their athletes frozen in time as they complete their workout.

A video posted by CrossFit Terminus (@cfterminus) on

6. Texas A & M’s Gymnastics Shows Balance and Poise

Holding weight can be hard, but what about handstands and bar skills? This gymnastics team crushed the challnege by showing their strength and athleticism.

Whether you’re a Mannequin Challenege fan or not, there’s no denying the power social media has to create movements and community. Although, with this challenege soon dying out, it has me wondering…what’s next?

Feature image from @bradleymartyn Instagram page