Watch Bradley Martyn Clean 315 Pounds for Reps

With more than 2 million Instagram followers, 2.5 million Facebook likes, and 840,000 YouTube subscribers, Bradley Martyn is one of the better known fitness celebrities on the web and to many, that’s all he is: a famously pretty body.

At 6’3”, 260 pounds and single-digit body fat, he’s earned a devoted following among bodybuilders. But in a new video, Martyn is showing that he’s surprisingly adept at Olympic weightlifting. Take a look at the man completing two sets of cleans at 315 pounds below.

Given his significant bench press (well over 400 pounds) and all the bodybuilding workouts he enjoys, he actually has an incredibly good front rack position, but that makes sense.

Despite his popular image as a bodybuilder and front squat aficionado, Martyn started out as a weightlifter before diving into bodybuilding. Below, you can watch another of his videos in which he cleans and overhead squats 315 pounds in separate sets.

In an interview with RX Muscle from way back in 2011, Martyn said that Olympic weightlifting was his favorite form of physical exercise, but his favorite aspect of fitness is, “changing one’s body into something that has been envisioned and created in the mind overtime and with the right encouragement!”

While these videos show some serious strength and dedication, Bradley is better-known for his cheeky sense of humor and some of his more jaw-dropping social media posts. Here are a couple of our favorites.

Holding a heavy pull during a mannequin challenge

A no-hands walk and back squat

Squatting while supporting two ladies… on top of a hoverboard

Featured image via Bradley Martyn on YouTube