Could 2017 Be the Year Brian Shaw Breaks the Log Press World Record?

There are few events that look as grueling and impressive as the log press. It’s a strength event unlike many others because it requires the utmost brute strength, but still needs to be performed with finesse. The form may not look as technical as most Olympic lifts to some, but the heavy odd shape of the log definitely requires ample focus and coordination.

Brian Shaw is a 4-time World’s Strongest Man and has won the Arnold Classic twice. Last year at the 2016 Arnold Classic, Shaw came in second to Zydrunas Savickas (Big Z). This year’s Arnold Classic is a little over two weeks away (March 2nd-5th) and competition is looking tighter than ever.

Shaw recently shared a video of a 211kg (465 lb) log press — not the world record of 228kg, of course, but incredibly smooth and impressive. (Dare we say “easy”?)

A video posted by Brian Shaw (@shawstrength) on

In the video’s description Shaw gives a little insight into what we can hopefully expect to see for this coming year’s competitions, “One of my sets of log press working up in weight…this is 465 LBS/ 211 KG with plenty left in the tank. As I said before GIGANTOR IS COMING!”

Could this log press strength play a role in the Shaw’s upcoming Arnold performance? The Arnold Classic typically uses what’s called the “Austrian Oak,” which is said to vary in weight between 440-465 lbs. It will be interesting to witness what Shaw will be able to put up in competition this year. Last year only two athletes were able to lift the Austrian Oak for a rep or more and they were Big Z (4-reps) and Vytautas Lalas (1-rep).

When it comes to breaking the log press world record, Shaw appears to be closing the gap. The current record of 228kg is held by Big Z and was set at the 2015 Arnold Classic Rio, Brazil.

At the Arnold Classic Australia in 2015, Shaw log pressed 200kg in competition. This year we’re seeing him hit 211kg in training, and from the above description, it was apparently a weight he’s working up with.

Could Shaw make 2017 a log press world record breaking year?

Feature image from @shawstrength Instagram page.