Brooke Ence Is a Villain In the “American Gladiators”-Style Show “Ultimate Tag”

"Welcome to The Boss's boardroom."

If you missed it, a new game-show-slash-obstacle-course-race premiered this week on Fox that combines American Gladiators with your beloved grade school games of tag. And CrossFit veteran Brooke Ence is one of the “Pro Taggers.”

Hosted by JJ Watts and his brothers, there are a few different events in Ultimate Tag — try to be the last person “tagged”, try to be the first person to hit a big button, etc. — but along the way those Pro Taggers, many of whom are parkour people and speedrunners, will try to stop you. You’re tagged when they grab a strip of cloth hanging off your back.

Every Pro Tagger gets a nickname (again, not dissimilar to American Gladiators) like Atomic Ant, Bulldog, The Geek (winner of the least cool name), and then there’s…. The Boss.

Choice quotes from her hype video include:

JJ Watt: “Welcome to The Boss’s boardroom, fellas!”
Brooke Ence: “This is the first time I got to show the boys who The Boss was!”
JJ Watt: “The Boss is looking to fire somebody!”
Brooke Ence: “This Boss is going to own you!”
JJ Watt: “She’s a CrossFit champion and one of our strongest taggers!”

OK, Brooke Ence never won the CrossFit Games, but she did win two events (Snatch Speed Ladder and Clean and Jerk) the first time she competed at them in 2015, and that’s the same year she won the California Regionals.

Since then she’s dabbled in acting (you may remember her as an Amazon warrior in Wonder Woman) and she’s been involved with a lot of other fun projects, like the time she came first place against Mattie Rogers and Dana Linn Bailey in the all-women Brute Showdown competition.

A fun fact about Ultimate Tag: Ence was only brought onto the show three days before filming started, “but I’m always up for a good physical challenge. Good thing I train constantly varied, high Intensity and I’m a born, raised and trained athlete.”

The show is on every Wednesday at 9pm on Fox.

Featured image via @brookeence on Instagram.