Who’s Best At Sports: a Weightlifter, Powerlifter, Bodybuilder, or CrossFit Athlete?

The Brute Showdown women's finale has the ladies take on softball and soccer events, along with an eating contest!

All we have to say is hats off to Brute Strength for putting on another awesome showdown series. If you’re late to the party, then we’ll quickly catch you up below, but be warned — spoiler alert if you scroll to the end.

Brute Strength’s latest series took four elite women strength athletes from different sports and puts them through a series of tests. The athlete roster included:

  • Dana Linn Bailey — 2013 Ms. Olympia Champion
  • Brooke Ence — CrossFit Games Athlete
  • Mattie Rogers — Two-Time Weightlifting World Championships Medalist
  • Maddy Forberg — National Level Elite Powerlifter

The series took place over two days and included eight total events, which entailed a max deadlift, max clean, pose-off, CrossFit workout, football combine, softball event, soccer event, and a watermelon eating contest.

In the first video, we got to meet the ladies and hear more about what the series was going to offer. Then in the second video, we got to watch the women perform the max clean and max deadlift events. Mattie Rogers took home first in the clean, and Maddy Forberg won the deadlift.

Brute Showdown Finale

Heading into the third video, Brute Strength had the ladies all take on “Christine”, a tough fast-paced CrossFit workout. Brooke Ence ended up coming out on top, and the event win positioned herself at the top of the leaderboard.

For the fourth video, the women took on two more events, and these included the pose-off and football combine. The pose-off ended up going to Dana Linn Bailey, and the football combine was taken by Mattie Rogers.

In the video finale below, the women take on three events, which had remained a secret until the video was posted. The three events include hitting softball pitches, kicking soccer goals, and eating watermelon slices as fast as possible.

Who came out on top?

Brooke Ence ended up taking home first place with 27 points and she commanded the lead for pretty much the whole series. Dana Linn Bailey came in second with 22 points, Mattie Rogers in third with 16 points, and Maddy Forberg in fourth with 12 points.

In last year’s Brute Showdown with the guys, weightlifter Luis Mosquera ended up taking home first and CrossFit athlete Jacob Heppner took second.

Feature image from Brute Strength YouTube channel. 

Jake Boly

Jake Boly

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  1. Hello.

    The standard method to compare athletes from different aerobic sports is to assess their VO2 Max. Since VO2 Max is essentially inversely proportional to body weight, the athletes you present here will score low, as they are fairly heavy compared to endurance athletes. It follows that they are not the best in endurance sports.



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