Cailer Woolam Deadlifts a Huge 426kg (938lb) for Lifetime PR

Cailer Woolam, aka “Doctor.Deadlift” as per his Instagram handle, is continuing to close the gap between him and the 1,000 lb deadlift. The 22 year old Texas based powerlifter currently holds two all-time raw deadlift world records, and is showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Yesterday, Woolam shared a lifetime PR on his Instagram page, which features a huge 426kg (938lb) deadlift. This is his highest deadlift to date, and tops his 220 lb all-time world record by 11 lbs. To top it off, he moved the weight very well for it being a lifetime PR. Check it out below.

After seeing this epic display of strength, we reached out to Woolam to gain some insights into what we can expect from him in the near future.

BarBend: 938 lbs is huge. What number are you shooting for next?

Woolam: The number I’m shooting for next isn’t specific. Just “more” only another step closer to 1,000 lbs. Whatever that number happens to be. I’ll take it. But, if I had to pick a number it would be 430kg.

BarBend: Got it, when’s your next comp? 

Woolam: I would like to hit 430kg at my upcoming meet November 12th, Reebok Record Breakers.

BarBend: What’s your current bodyweight and overall training goals?

Woolam: My current bodyweight is about 215-220 lbs. I’m really just trying to be as heavy as possible. I need to weigh 221 lbs for my next meet, so I can make it into the 242 lb weight class to take that world record.

220lb World Record

927 lbs at 211 lb Bodyweight

In August, Woolam set the 220lb world record at the Boss of Bosses IV powerlifting meet. At this meet, Woolam and Yury Belkin battled it out back and forth for the record, and it all came down to Woolam’s successful third attempt below.

198lb World Record

881 lbs at 194 lb Bodyweight

His first world record came back in February 2017, as Woolam was the first athlete to pull 400kg at 90kg bodyweight.

The current 242 lb all-time world record sits at 925 lbs and his held Yury Belkin. Woolam has lifted that before, and is proving he’s got more in the tank. Will he accomplish his goal come November and hold three all-time world records?

We’ll have to wait and see.

Feature image screenshot from @doctor.deadlift Instagram page.