Powerlifter Bonica Brown Squats IPF World Record 318.0kg/701 Pounds

The 2018 IPF World Open Equipped Powerlifting Championships wrapped up in Halmstad, Sweden this past weekend, but we'll be recapping the epic lifts in our heads for weeks to come. One of our favorites (and perhaps the most impressive lift...

Blaine Sumner Bench Presses a World Record 415kg/915 Pounds

Last time we highlighted Blaine Sumner, he had just suffered an unfortunate squat mishap in training, which put the rest of his powerlifting season in doubt. Just two months later, Sumner was back on the platform at the 2018 IPF...
How to Use Resistance Bands and Chains for Accessories

The Benefits of Using Resistance Bands and Chains for Accessory Exercises

Ever found yourself halfway through a set of lat pulldowns after some hard benching or deadlifting wondering something along the lines of, "Why the hell am I doing this?" You’re not alone. Oftentimes, powerlifters think of assistance work as...
Andrew Hause Youngest to Total Over 1,000kg

Powerlifter Andrew Hause Totals Over 1,000kg At 20 Years Old

On Saturday, powerlifter Andrew Hause etched his name in the history books with his latest performance. At the RPS Braggin' Rights powerlifting meet held in Greenville, North Carolina, Hause became the youngest athlete to total over 1,000kg in knee...
Stacy Burr Record Breaking Performance

Stacy Burr Breaks Two All-Time World Records, Closely Misses All-Time Wilks

Over the weekend, powerlifter Stacy Burr had what could be described as a meet of a lifetime. Burr took the platform to compete in the 148 lb weight class at the RPS Braggin' Rights meet held in Greenville, North...
Christine Castro Deadlifts 212.5kg

Powerlifter Christine Castro (66kg) Deadlifts a Monstrous 212.5kg

Over the weekend, Canadian powerlifter Christine Castro put on a very strong showing at the 2018 OPA Provincials meet held in Ontario, Canada. On the day, Castro weighed in at 66kg/146 lbs and put up incredible lifts across the...
Hip Thrust Lifting Mistake

The Hip Thrust Mistake Everyone Keeps Making

Last week, I posted a video of some hip thrusts on Instagram. As you can see, even with the awesome machine from Sorinex, they weren’t easy! I struggled with just 80 kilos:https://www.instagram.com/p/BpXDk0snain/If you scroll through the comments on that...
Keith Correa Deadlifts 700 lbs

Powerlifter Keith Correa Deadlifts a Huge 4x+ Bodyweight PR

Out in California the weight is absolutely flying. A few days ago Keith Correa, a Hawaii and California based powerlifter, hit an absolutely monstrous conventional deadlift milestone and PR. After his latest heavy deadlift session, Correa has officially earned...
larry wheels steroids

Larry Wheels Clarifies Stance On Steroid Usage

Editor’s note: The below article is not intended to make a moral claim regarding the athlete’s actions. We’re reporting on a video Williams made publicly available to his followers. BarBend does not endorse the use of performance-enhancing drugs.Athletes rarely discuss their steroid...
Hafthor Bjornsson Set to Compete In Powerlifting

Hafthor Bjornsson Is Competing In Powerlifting, What Will He Total?

Believe us, we had to read this headline twice, too. Not because of us doubting the subject at hand, but because we're so dang excited. Hafthor Bjornsson will be competing in a full powerlifting meet on December 15th. This...


CrossFit Partners With Ragnar Relays to Create New Division

CrossFit Inc. has announced their newly established partnership with Ragnar Relay races. This partnership will create a new CrossFit Division within the existing Ragnar...

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