Tom Martin Hit a 405kg Deadlift

Powerlifter Tom Martin Deadlifts 405kg At 103kg Bodyweight

In the latest installment of monstrous conventional deadlifts, British powerlifter Tom Martin is back to moving mountain sized weight. And now, we've seen Martin pull big weight before, so more than likely if you're already a Martin fan, then...
Yury Belkin Deadlifts 380kg for Reps

Powerlifter Yury Belkin Is Back, Deadlifts 380kg for Reps

It's been a while (pretty much a year) since we've seen any training videos surface from Russian all-time deadlift world record holder Yury Belkin. In terms of posting lifting videos online, he's been on a hiatus, but judging from...
Important Deadlift Cues to Remember

Through the Bar: 4 Ways to Cue the Deadlift for Stronger Pulls

I'm not going to lie, I love the conventional deadlift. It's by far my favorite movement to train and strongest lift on the platform by far, but unfortunately, it's also the most taxing on my body. In a perfect...

Calf Raises: Are They Worth It?

The calf raise is an exercise that can be done primarily in two distinct ways. The first targets the soleus and is done with the knee flexed/bent. The other targets the gastrocnemius and is done with an extended knee....
Julius Maddox 585 lb Bench Press Set

Julius Maddox Hits a 585 lb Bench Press for Two Sets of Seven

When it comes to Julius Maddox and his bench press, where do we start? Maddox is arguably one of the world's strongest raw bench press athletes and consistently hits feats that not only show off his power, but his...
Jezza Uepa Squats 450kg Wrapped for a Double

Powerlifter Jezza Uepa Moves the Earth With This 450kg Squat Double

Instagram posts from Nauru's strongest powerlifter Jezza Uepa come far and in-between on his social media page, yet when he does post, it's often a lift that stops everyone in their tracks. If you felt the earth shift yesterday, don't...
Jujimufu Fitness Parody YouTube Video

Did Jujimufu Just Win YouTube With This Fitness Parody?

If you're well-versed in the fitness industry (YouTube more specifically), then a lot of the parodies below won't need much explaining, but if you're not, I'll do my best to give you the quick rundown. Jujimufu (Jon Call) recently...
Dan Green 325kg Deadlift for 8-Reps Following Surgery

Dan Green Deadlifts 325kg for 8-Reps, 4-Months Following Bicep Tendon Rupture

In strength sports, few things build mental and physical fortitude like working through and past serious injuries. Major injuries in one's career can sometimes to unavoidable and inevitable at that, so it's always great seeing big named athletes working...
Ben Pollack Core Training

3 Ab Exercises That Will Actually Help Your Lifts

Abs are probably the favorite and the most controversial muscle group of them all, regardless of whether you’re training for aesthetics or strength. Makes sense: not only are they the centerpiece of a phenomenal physique, but they’re also part...
Barbara Lee Deadlifts 184kg 10-reps

Powerlifter Barbara Lee Deadlifts 184kg (405 lbs) for 10 Reps

Will a time ever come when a high-rep deadlift set doesn't not only exhaust the athlete lifting the weight, but the surrounding casual bystanders watching? Honestly, probably not. I don't even think shouting, "Ain't nothing but a peanut", before...


Why 20-Rep Squats Are the Best and Worst Thing Ever

Suffering brings growth. It’s one of the immutable rules of life: staying in your comfort zone doesn’t get you anywhere.It’s a rule that works...

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