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Does Powerlifting Improve Jiu-Jitsu Performance?

Brazilian jiu-jitsu and deadlifts are about the coolest ways to spend your time, but should you train them both? Probably not. Why? We’ve roped in Chad Wesley Smith to answer this hotly debated

Dillon King

The Best Resources for LGBTQ+ Strength Athletes

Creating a community of strength athletes for yourself when you’re a queer lifter can be… complicated. Transphobia and homophobia in strength sports, well, it’s not non-existent. There’s the gendered competition categories that often

Brian Shaw Bench

Brian Shaw Benches 520 Pounds for Easy Double

Four-time World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw has shared another update on his “Road to 701” bench press series on his Shaw Strength YouTube channel. The highlight of this session is his top set