Strongman Stone Carry

How to Pick Contests That Improve Your Strongman Abilities

In the quest to become a better strongperson athlete, a smart athlete will plan out a road that will lead to their long term success. But in an effort to acquire hardware, many athletes will often pick contests that...
Brian Shaw Injury

Brian Shaw Discusses Injury Leading Up to 2018 World’s Strongest Man

Right off the bat, professional strongman Brian Shaw makes it evident that his latest video isn't intended to be seen as an excuse for the results at the 2018 World's Strongest Man, but to be taken as a possible...
Strongman Dumbbell Press

How to Increase Your Strongman Game Without Lifting a Single Weight

Smart strongmen are doing everything they can to get ahead of their competition. The game is getting tighter and the spots at the top are getting more difficult to grab. When the bar rises this high, there is no...
2018 World's Strongest Man best moments

The Top 5 Moments from the 2018 World’s Strongest Man Finals

This year’s World’s Strongest Man contest was one for the ages. Thor Bjornsson dominated with a lead of 6.5 points, the biggest win margin since 2005, and he became the first person to win the Arnold Classic, Europe’s Strongest...
World's Strongest Man Vs. Trolls

World’s Strongest Man Finalists Vs. Internet Trolls

Over the course of the weekend, the finals for the 2018 World's Strongest Man concluded in an epic fashion. If you missed the competition, or have yet to read the full recap of placings and events, check out this article...

Intermittent Fasting and Glycogen Depletion

In this article we will discuss two topics that are circling the minds of strength, power, and fitness athletes alike these days...Intermittent fasting and glycogen depletion.Below, we will briefly describe each, discuss some potential benefits (and limitations), and go...
Hafthor Bjornsson Sand Bag Carry

Breaking News: Hafthor Bjornsson Wins 2018 World’s Strongest Man in Manila

He may have achieved international stardom for portraying "The Mountain" on HBO's Game of Thrones, but now 29 year-old Hafthor Julius Bjornsson has yet another claim to fame: The title of World's Strongest Man.On a blazing hot day in Manila, the...

Glycogen Depletion – Signs and Symptoms

In an earlier article we took a very deep look at what glycogen is, the benefits it can provide strength, power, and fitness athletes, and how you can maximize its ergogenic effects. Sometimes, however, an athlete/coach may not not...
Muscle Glycogen

What Is Glycogen and How Does it Help Build Muscle?

The inclusion of carbohydrate supplementation post-workout and/or during strenuous training sessions has repeatedly been shown to increase muscle glycogen levels, enhance protein synthesis, and increased exercise performance. Strength, power, and fitness athletes should understand the positive (performance-enhancing) effects increase...
Aleksey Lovchev Apollon axle clean and thrust

Aleksey Lovchev Hits a 200kg Axle Clean Thruster

The axle clean & thruster isn’t a move you see performed on stage very often, but Aleksey Lovchev probably just made a record in the lift. The twenty-eight-year-old Russian posted this clip of a lift he made at an event...


Why Strongman Fans Should Pay Attention to the Apollon’s Axle

Louis Uni is a name that probably means nothing to even the most ardent of strongman history buffs, and while his birth name might...

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