10 Shoulder Press Variations to Build Upper Body Strength

The shoulder press is a movement used by most strength, power, and fitness athletes to increase overhead strength, pressing abilities, and add significant size and strength to the shoulders (and upper chest, traps, and triceps). The shoulder press has...
Brian Shaw Grace

The Top 5 Men’s Strongman Performances of CrossFit Workout “Grace”

One of my absolute favorite things about the CrossFit Games format is the Wild Card spaces, which though aren’t technically new are now a lot more official. These spots are to be reserved for any non-CrossFitter who not only...
Brian Shaw Kickboxer Retaliation

10 Strength Athletes You Didn’t Realize Were in Movies

When you think about strength athletes that act, you probably think of the reigning World's Strongest Man™ Hafthor Bjornsson's role as The Mountain on Game of Thrones. Beyond that, well... athletes who make the leap to movies are typically bodybuilders or super...
Martin Tye 500kg deadlift

Martin Tye Deadlifts a Record 500kg to Win World’s Strongest Disabled Man

When you hear “500-kilogram deadlift” you probably think of 2018’s World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall, who became the first man to lift that weight in 2016. But he’s not the only person to hold 500 kilos in his hands...
2019 Arnold Classic Strength Sports Event Schedule

First Looks At 2019 Arnold Sports Festival Schedule, Plus New Events

Strength sports fans get ready, because a large portion of the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival's schedule has been released. If you love attending or streaming any of the strength sports that take place at the Arnold Sports Festival, then...
Iron Biby Breaks Standing Human Shoulder Press Guinness World Record

Strongman Iron Biby Breaks Human Shoulder Press World Record

There are few things better than starting your day by watching a professional strongman athlete smash a Guinness World Record. The latest strongman to stake his claim in the Guinness Worlds Records book is Canadian strongman Cheick “Iron Biby” Sanou.Yesterday,...
Strongman Nick Best Deadlifts 272kg for 16 reps

Strongman Nick Best Deadlifts 600 lbs for 16 Reps

Over the last few months, it seems like a lot of strength athletes have been pulling big weight for high rep sets, and they've all been impressive, but professional strongman Nick Best's latest deadlift AMRAP video may take the...
Mark Haydock Grip Training Tips

Grip Training Tips from a Dinnie Stones World Record Holder

Grip training is always an interesting topic in strength sports. For starters, it's a limiting factor in lifts and sports, which mean you'll always capped to what your grip can handle, even if something like your back is strong...
Professional Strongman Eddie Hall Deadlift Challenge

Check Out Strongman Eddie Hall’s Crazy Beltless Deadlift Challenge

Social media challenges can take multiple forms. Sometimes they're easy like sharing a photo with a particular hashtag, other times they raise awareness and money like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and sometimes they include a pyramid-focused beltless deadlift...
Strongman Hafthor Bjornsson Sets New Weight Over Bar World Record

Hafthor Bjornsson Breaks Another Weight Over Bar World Record

Over the weekend, the 153rd Scottish Highland Gathering and Games took place in Pleasanton, California. Every year, the Games bring thousands of event-goers together to celebrate a weekend of heritage and sport. One of the special events and guests to...


Are Squats the Most Effective Exercise for the Glutes?

Remember when everyone said squats were the best exercise for building your glutes? Forget what you know. Today we’re going to dig into some...

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