Chipotle Has a WOD? 3 Brands Jumping on the Functional Fitness Bandwagon

Strength sports like powerlifting, weightlifting, and functional fitness are steadily growing (more so in recent years). Their growth can be attributed to a few different factors, which we’ll save for another article. But strength is becoming a norm, and out of industry companies are making greater attempts at reaching fans of everything from CrossFit® training to powerlifting.

This is a good thing for strength athletes. This is pushing more companies to work harder to appeal for the strength and workout based mindset, so more products and ads are becoming relatable. Check out these three big companies jumping on the fitness bandwagon below.

1. Chipotle

A fast(ish) food company that’s loved by many strength athletes (usually post-workout) just posted a Chipotle WOD. What does it consist of? Check it out below.

We’re not saying this is the healthiest WOD we’ve ever seen, but it does look tasty. This is only one example of a big company making an attempt to reach strength athletes.

2. Michelob Ultra

On a larger scale, let’s not forget the functional fitness Super Bowl ad Michelob Ultra put out earlier this year. Their ad features a functional functional fitness workout with a handful of Reebok CrossFit Games athletes, and some of the sport’s veterans including Becca Voigt and Dan Bailey.

3. Samsung

Another factor that’s helping push outside industry companies to market fitness based content is the rise in health-related technology. Phones, wearable technology, and a plethora of apps, are all encouraging healthier mindsets and habits on a regular basis.

Companies like Apple and Samsung are only a couple of the bigger named companies striving to spearhead the fitness and technology relationship. Check out the “Working Out Is Crazy” ad Samsung put out at the end of 2016.

Are these ads all a little tongue and cheek, yes, but they do offer some (at least slightly) deeper meaning. As a nation, we’re seeing a growth of the fitness and strength-oriented mindset, and in our view, that’s never a bad thing. Strength is becoming cool(er).

Now our question for the strength athlete is: Do you like when non-fitness companies make fitness-based marketing ploys?

Feature image from Chipotle Mexican Grill Facebook page.