Watch Weightlifter Clarence Kennedy Clean A Huge 230kg/507lbs

The Irish weightlifter PRd his clean at a seriously elite bodyweight.

Irish weightlifter and YouTube sensation Clarence Kennedy is always giving us something to talk about, and this week, it’s this massive clean of 230 kg/507 lbs, the heaviest we’ve ever seen from him. Kennedy posted the lift on his Instagram page and showed it from two different angles. He posted his weight at 98.7kg/217 lbs, which means he’s cleaning more than two times his bodyweight, and it’s also worth mentioning that this is just one kilo off of Tian Tao’s 231-kilo world record clean & jerk in the -96kg weight class.

While Kennedy uploaded this video this week, he actually made this lift about a month ago during a max out session with Romanian weightlifter Gabriel Sincraian. But it gained a lot of traction in the weightlifting community and we think it’s worth admiring again. Take a look below:

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Earlier in that same train session, Kennedy also made a personal record in the clean & jerk with a massive 222.5 kilograms, which every weightlifter should watch not only because of the massive weight — it’s five pounds heavier than the -105kg American record — but because of the undeniably awesome back flip he pulls off after making the lift.

In other massive-Clarence-Kennedy-lifts news, he also posted a new video this week of a set of squats at the Tralee Area Gym: a hefty set of three very, very, very deep squats at 260 kilos (573 pounds). Check ’em out below:

We’re pretty sure his PR is 300 kilos, but we don’t doubt that he’ll smash through that record soon enough.

On top of all of this, he’s an accomplished acrobat to boot. We’re eager to see what Kennedy will post next — flips, clean & jerks, squats? Whichever one he goes for, we’re only expecting bigger numbers.

Featured image from @clarencekennedy_ and @atginsta on Instagram.