Watch Weightlifter Gabriel Sincraian Try CrossFit for the First Time

Ever wanted to see how an Olympic athlete would handle himself in a CrossFit® workout?

Romanian weightlifter Gabriel Sincraian has completed his very first Workout of the Day, and he decided to go with “Grace.”

First posted as a WOD on in 2004, Grace consists of 30 clean & jerks for time, so it makes sense as a first WOD for a career weightlifter. The weight typically used by a male is 135 pounds. He finished the whole thing in 2 minutes 25 seconds, which is a pretty solid result.

He wrote on YouTube, “Looks easy but after i finish i was exhausted!” When asked why he did it at all, he simply said, “Because i like challenges and i don’t like to give up!”

The fastest Grace we’ve ever seen probably belongs to Nick Bloch, who blew through it in 59 seconds. (Although not without some controversy over the last few reps. You be the judge.)

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Note that Sincraian was disqualified from the Rio Olympics after testing positive for testosterone. He originally placed third in his weight class with a snatch of 173kg and a clean & jerk of 217kg, but these results were wiped from the record.

Sincraian still has medals from other weightlifting events, including a silver medal from the 2016 European Weightlifting Championships, where he completed a 169kg snatch and 202kg clean & jerk, and a bronze from the previous year’s European Weightlifting Championships.

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He also placed fifth at the 2015 World Weightlifting Championships with a total of 367 kilograms: 167kg in the snatch and 200kg in the clean & jerk. You can watch his lifts below.

While he serves his ban from international competition, he seems to be focusing pretty hard on regularly updating his YouTube channel.

Featured image via GABRIEL SINCRAIAN on YouTube.