Comedian Tom Segura Trains Strongman with Pa O’Dwyer

A comedian lifting like a pro strongman?

Tom Segura is a stand-up comedian who hosts the podcasts Your Mom’s House and Two Bears One Cave. The 44-year-old also commands an entertainment empire of streaming specials and has amassed millions of followers on social media over the years.

On May 26, 2023, 37-year-old Irish strongman Pa O’Dwyer published a video on his YouTube channel where in he and Segura performed a strongman workout. O’Dwyer weighs 140 kilograms (308 pounds), is a five-time Ireland’s Strongest Man champion, and is a mainstay on the Giants Live circuit. Check out Segura’s strongman session with O’Dwyer in the video below:

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Segura’s and O’Dwyer’s Strongman Workout

The duo trained the following strongman events during their workout:

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Tire Flip

The pair began flipping tires, a compound movement incorporating their gluteshamstrings, quads, shoulders, pecs, and biceps. It’s a full-body movement that starts between a squat and a deadlift of a heavy tire (just under 1,000 pounds) and moves into a press to flip the tire over down a course.

Segura and O’Dwyer squat for enough leverage without compromising their backs, maintaining neutral spines. Once they explode from the bottom, they quickly adjust the load of the tire to their shoulders and chests while driving through a press to topple the tire to its opposite side.

Overhead One-Hand Shoulder Press

The heavy Master dumbbell (60 kilograms, 132 pounds) was next for single-handed shoulder presses. This movement is initiated with a two-handed power clean, racking the dumbbell onto the shoulder. Once stable, they explode with their leg drive to get under the dumbbell with a stiff arm to stand up to a lockout.


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Explosiveness is paramount in this exercise. While the clean works the entire body, the crux of the press focuses on the power within the shoulders and triceps, assuming enough leg drive propels the dumbbell upward. Once in the top position, they momentarily hold before letting the dumbbell fall forward at a safe distance.

Bag Throw

Pretending to toss a bag backward over a bar four and a half meters in the air, O’Dwyer chucks the bag with relative ease. Segura got the hang of it once O’Dwyer taught him how to perform explosive kettlebell swings with a weighted bag.

Doing the bag toss correctly involves proper momentum; swinging the bag between the legs with straight arms, keeping everything linear, and then releasing it at the top of the swing so the bag travels at a high, backward arc. 

Boulder Lift and Box Jump

O’Dwyer picked up a 180-kilogram (400-pound) spherical boulder to his lap so that it rested between his lower torso and upper legs. He wrapped his arms around the boulder before extending his hips forward to clean the boulder up to his right shoulder.

Segura mustered the boulder halfway up his torso — impressive for the relatively untrained comedian strongman. The comedian’s attempt showcased the importance of explosiveness to maneuver the boulder from the lap through the clean. 


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While O’Dwyer and Segura barely do any box jumps in the video, the movement is meant to measure one’s power output. With proper form, box jumps work the glutes, hamstrings, and quads. At the end of the video, Segura was beyond impressed with O’Dwyer’s feats of strength.

It is astonishing. You’re like a gorilla that can talk. Watching you do all this with ease was incredible.

Don’t expect to see Segura in any competitive strongman contests in the near future, despite his joking about it at the conclusion of the video. However,  O’Dwyer will certainly be on the competition floor in the near future.

Featured image: @paodwyer__ on Instagram