Watch Martins Licis Teach Larry Wheels How to Flip an 1,100 Pound Tire!

The powerlifter-turned-aspiring strongman has also trained with World's Strongest Man Hafthor Bjornsson.

We’ve seen Larry “Wheels” Williams do some seriously insane things on and off the powerlifting platform. The record-holding lifter is known for his ability to lift insane volumes as well as manage monumental loads in movements he’s relatively new to. (Just check out his recent 500 pound snatch grip push press as an example!)

(For reference, Wheels has said he plans to focus on entering strongman competition in 2019, and many pundits — including BarBend contributors — are already making predictions for how he’ll do.)

Now, fresh off a training trip to Iceland with reigning World’s Strongest Man Hafthor Bjornsson, Wheels is back in the United States and training with another WSM competitor: Martins Licis, who recently won the first-ever competition in the Arnold Strongman USA series. In addition to his accomplishments in strongman competition, Licis is also known for his world-record Steinborn squat and abilities in Mas Wrestling, a sport where he won a World Championship in 2017.

In the video below — posted to Licis’ YouTube channel — Licis works with Wheels on honing technique in multiple disciplines, including the tire flip and Mas Wrestling. In the video, Wheels tries heavy tire flips for the first time and even takes on the 1,100 pound behemoth Licis trains with.

Martins Licis’ Tire Flipping Tips

Licis gives Wheels a number of important cues for the tire flip:

  • Wide hands
  • Shoulders and chest under, not over, the implement
  • Drive the tire up at a 45 degree angle
  • Set the feet narrow for maximum driving ability

The tire flip takes a unique combination of strength, technique, timing, speed, and explosiveness, and it’s an incredibly tough movement to pick up for the first time. But that’s rarely stopped Wheels from tackling heavy weights and new movements in the past.

Check out how he does in his first-ever tire training session!

The video also features some great banter between the athletes, including Licis poking fun at (or expressing admiration for?) Wheels’ chiseled physique, which is a bit leaner than that of the average superheavyweight strongman.

How do you think Wheels will do in his first strongman competitions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Featured image: Martins Licis on YouTube