Larry Wheels Bench Presses 225 lbs for 70 Reps

For a lot of strength athletes an unloaded, 45-pound barbell doesn’t feel like much at all. For many it probably feels like a weight that barely registers with the body.

With that in mind, have you ever wondered how two, three, and four plates feel like to some of these seemingly superhuman strength athletes? You know, the guys breaking all-time world records, and pushing strength feats we didn’t think were possible a few decades ago? To them, that weight probably feels a lot like an empty bar does to you, right?

Larry Wheels’ latest bench press video is a great reminder that to him, two plates moves like many move an open barbell.

In the latest Larry Wheels bench press video, he’s once again left many strength athletes and fans scratching their heads. The man hit a bench press PR with 225 lbs for 70 reps, which he wrote was a long-time life goal of his. Check it out below.

Author’s Note: If you’re on mobile and having issues with viewing Wheels’ bench press below, then check this link!

Last December, we wrote about Wheels benching 225 lbs for max reps for the first time and that was with a huge 50-rep set, but his latest video takes the cake.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room, which we know will receive comments: the range of motion.

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Did Wheels lock out every single rep per what a judge would look for in a powerlifting meet? No, but it’s still ridiculously impressive how easily he moves 225 lbs, which is really what sparked the interest for this article. To add to that, Wheels currently holds two all-time world records in powerlifting, so we’re pretty confident he knows how to lock out his bench press.

Feature image from @larrywheels Instagram page.