CrossFit Games Athlete Chandler Smith Grinds Out a 600+ lb Deadlift

This deadlift was certainly well earned!

The weight is moving for CrossFit Games athlete Chandler Smith down at Derby City CrossFit in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Yesterday, Smith shared a monstrous deadlift that he certainly earned on his Instagram page, and it has been making its rounds across various strength sports circles. In Smith’s video’s description he simply writes, 

“How much did you deadlift?” Enough?”

In his Instagram video’s description he doesn’t disclose how much is on the bar, however, many commenters have speculated that the weight is hovering around 635 lbs or 280kg (617 lbs). And we’re not entirely sure how much is on the bar, but it’s certainly a lot. If you zoom in on the inner plates, they appear to be 45 lb plates (not 20kg plates), so we’ll let you do the math and share what you think in the comments below. 

Check out his monstrous deadlift below.

How Other CrossFit Games Athletes Responded

In the comments section, multiple CrossFit Games athletes have responded to Smith’s huge deadlift. Check some of them out below.

Noah Ohlsen, 6x CrossFit Games athlete wrote, “Never enough!!! But nice work, kiddo!”

Tim Paulson, 2019 CrossFit Games athlete simply said, “Um. What?”

Ryan Fischer, 5x CrossFit Regionals athlete said, “If there were a woman ovulating during that, you just created a lot of child support for yourself.”

As of right now, Smith has only competed at one CrossFit Games, which was in 2019, and unfortunately they didn’t host a CrossFit Total event last year. 

However, on Smith’s CrossFit Games athlete page, he has a few notable lift benchmarks at the bottom of his profile that give us a better inclination as to how much weight is probably on the bar. His current deadlift benchmark on his profile sits at 615 lbs, and if we had to guess, this was a number logged a while ago — so we’re assuming the above deadlift is well into the 600s. 

Regardless how much weight is on the bar, the lift was impressive nonetheless. Have an idea how much is on the bar? Share what you think below!

Chandler Smith FAQs

Who is Chandler Smith?

Chandler Smith is a competitive CrossFit athlete who has currently competed in one CrossFit Games, which was in 2019. He took 15th place at this competition.

How much can Chandler Smith deadlift?

Chandler Smith can deadlift well over 600 lbs. His CrossFit Games athlete profile states his deadlift benchmark is 615 lbs, however, he’s shared videos since where he’s pulled more!

Feature image from @blacksmifff Instagram page.