Check Out CrossFit Games Athlete Jared Enderton’s 305 lb to 193 lb Body Transformation

Yesterday, another CrossFit Games athlete shared their long-term physique progress and transformation with the help of CrossFit-style training via their Instagram page.

This athlete is none other than Jared Enderton, who qualified for his first CrossFit Games this year at the South Regional. Enderton stamped his ticket when he finished 5th overall with a strong 446 point performance. Many athletes may recognize Enderton’s name from Instagram for his weightlifting tutorial videos.

Yesterday, Enderton’s Instagram post took a different form compared to his normal advice-filled weightlifting videos. In his post, he highlights the physique transformation he’s experienced over the last ten years with the help of CrossFit, weightlifting, strongman and consistent training.

In his Instagram post Enderton writes, “305 – 193. 10years ago to now. This 300lb kid made the @crossfitgames? What a ride it’s been. From wrestling at 189lbs in 2007 to weighing 305lbs from 2008-2010 while I did strongman (I guess I gained the freshman 115). Competed in Weightlifting from 2010-2015.”

He continues his post by saying, “Started @crossfit September 1st, 2015 & here we are less than 3 years later! It’s been a crazy journey, but I know Crossfit is my “final destination” on a 10 year road trip that consisted of many layovers.

Where you are now isn’t where you’ll always be. The journey to your goal starts with a single step. If I can do it, so can you.”

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As he mentions above, Enderton’s competitive CrossFit career started in 2015 and every year since he’s consistently improved his ranking. In 2015, Enderton finished the Open placing 1,670th in Colorado. In 2016 he placed 19th in the South West region and took 22nd at the South Regionals, then in 2017, Enderton finished 10th in the South West region and took 12th at Regionals.

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Reflections from Regionals: What a whirlwind of emotions. 2 weeks before regionals I felt confident. But once the events got announced & practiced them- I had a LOT of self-doubt. I was getting time capped like crazy & even stopped mid workout on 1 & said “I suck, why even show up if I’m going to embarrass myself?” – In the few days leading up to regionals I had a lot of time to think & reflect. My practice runs hadn’t gone well AT ALL but I thought: Did I really get less fit? Or did I just have a bad week? I wasn’t 100% sure of the answers BUT I knew I could handle not doing great on the events, but I can’t live with myself if I don’t give every event all I got. I know it sounds cliche, but, instead of focusing on if the event was “good” or “bad” for me- I just wanted to focus on giving it everything I had. I just wanted to compete in a way that I knew I’d be proud of. – Moral of the story? We all have self-doubt. But once the self-doubt comes over you: Are you your own worst enemy or are you going to be a friend to yourself? In the past I had been my own worst enemy. I’d have a bad week & get down on myself. Negative self talk & have a downward spiral of self destruction. Almost like a self fulfilling prophecy. – This year I OWNED the self doubt & said “Maybe the events are good for you & maybe they’re not. I can’t control that now. What I can control is my effort & focusing on giving it 100%. Let’s go compete with pride & heart.” @crossfitgames

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Before his transition to CrossFit in 2015, Enderton was a dedicated weightlifter and trained at multiple locations such as Average Broz, Mash Elite, and California Strength. He competed in the -94kg weight class, and his best competition numbers included a 150kg snatch and 185kg clean & jerk.

Needless to say, Enderton has put in the work and has earned his ticket to this year’s Crossfit Games. How will he place in Madison, Wisconsin? Time will tell!

Feature image from @jaredenderton Instagram page.