Daniel Bell Makes History, Puts Up Biggest Wrapped Total In Powerlifting History

The energy was electric down in Gainesville, Florida at the Barbell Club Open meet!

The weight was moving this weekend in Gainesville, Florida, at the WRPF American Barbell Club Open powerlifting meet. 

There were a ton of strong performances at this meet, however, one performance in particular took the cake and made waves in the strength community. Daniel Bell, competing in the 308+ lb weight class, made history and recorded the biggest ever powerlifting total to date in wraps — which is a monstrous feat that only a handful of athletes complete in their lifetimes. 

Bell’s new all-time world record total comes in at 1,142kg/2518.7 lbs and tops powerlifting legend Andrey Malanichev’s 1,140kg/2513.2 total which he set at the first ever Big Dogs meet back in 2016.

Across the board, Bell’s 7/9 performance was incredibly strong. In fact, if you watch the video below, it looks like he has more in the tank on every single lift. That’s a mind blowing thought, especially when you consider that he brought home the all-time total world record with the lifts below.

His lifts consisted of: 

  • Squat: 482.5kg/1063lbs
  • Bench: 260kg/573lbs
  • Deadlift: 400kg/881lbs


How Top Athletes Responded

Multiple top athletes left comments on Bell’s video below highlighting his performance. In his Instagram video’s description Bell shares that he wanted the 900 lb deadlift accolade, however, after losing balance on his second attempt at 400kg/881 lbs (featured below), his coach had him secure this weight for his third attempt to ensure he had the total. 

Eric Lilliebridge, elite powerlifter wrote, “Congratulations on the new all time world record total man. You crushed it and you had more in you on every lift too. Very impressive!”

Chris Duffin, powerlifter and founder of Kabuki Strength added, “Damn that would have been tough decision to make as that moved so easy. But it was the right call. Ducking amazing my man!!!”

Dylan Hellreigel, elite powerlifter joked, “You know you’re f**king strong when you just walk around with 400kg in your hands…”

Trevor Jaffe, powerlifter and strength coach wrote, “That explosivity is insane”


Prior to this meet, Bell’s biggest competition total to date sat at 1,114.9kg/2,458 lbs and he set this at the 2018 UPA National Championships. 

Hats off to Bell on his latest and accomplishment, we’re excited to see what else he’s able to accomplish as we head into 2020. 

Who has the biggest powerlifting total?

On November 11th, 2019, Daniel Bell (308+) set the all-time total world record with his incredible 1,142kg/2518.7 lb performance at the WRPF Barbell Club Open in Gainesville, Florida.

Feature image from @dbell_74 Instagram page.