Check Out Andrey Malanichev’s Ridiculously Fast 480kg Squat

In case you needed a reminder, Russian powerlifter Andrey Malanichev’s strength is still off the charts. As we speak, the annual World Raw Powerlifting Federation’s World Championships are taking place in Moscow, Russia, and kicked off today and extend through October 7th. Some of the world’s strongest powerlifters are set to compete and exhibition at the Championships over the next three days, which brings us to the focal point of this article.

At the age of 41, Malanichev could be considered a legend in the sport of powerlifting, and continues to build upon that legend status. Currently, Malanichev is in prep for the ProRaw Big Dogs 3 meet that’s set to take place in Melbourne, Australia on October 14th.

In a recent video shared from Julian Howard’s (@worldsstrongestfan) Instagram page, Malanichev squatted 480kg/1,058 lbs during one of the WRPF’s squat exhibitions. And check out the trust spot from bench press world record holder Kirill Sarychev. Malanichev completed the lift with raw with knee wraps, and it is absolutely ridiculous how fast he moved the weight. On top of that, he walked it out, which is not how Malanichev typically competes this lift, as the ProRaw Big Dogs meets use a monolift.

Author’s Note: The video below highlights Malanichev’s 480kg back squat. For those experiencing viewing issues — check out the video here!

In 2016, we first wrote about Malanichev when he competed at the first ever ProRaw Big Dogs meet. At this meet, Malanichev squatted a ridiculous 485kg, bench pressed 255kg, and deadlifted 400kg. These three lifts awarded him with a 1,140kg/2,513 lb world record total in the 308+ lb weight class that still stands today. Then the following year, Malanichev won the second ProRaw Big Dogs 2 meet with a strong 1,105kg/2,436 lb total.

We don’t know about you, but after watching the squat above, we’re as excited as ever for the ProRaw Big Dogs 3 meet. Not to mention, Eric Lilliebridge is also aiming for the first place position, so in two weeks time we’ll be watching a battle of some of powerlifting strongest titans.

Feature image from @worldsstrongestfan Instagram page.